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Grand Valley Bank holds ribbon cutting celebration at new location

Posted On
Aug 01, 2016

On Thursday, July 28, the Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce celebrated with Midway City officials, bank staff, members of the community and bank CEO Paul Briardy the grand opening of Grand Valley Bank on Midway Main Street.

For CEO Briardy, and brank president Dave Brindley, the completion of the new bank signifies their commitment to being a long term partner and community member in Midway City.

Briardy said Grand Valley Bank has been in Midway for the past eight years operating out of the building near Tarahumara Restaurant, but saw a need to expand into their own space.

“Visibility was harder in that location, so we decided to build a new location to better serve our customers,” said Briardy

According to Brindley, president of the Midway branch, doing business with a local bank such as Grand Valley Banks is that loan processing and turnaround can be faster because decisions are made locally.

Ryan Starks, executive director of the Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce said the growth of Grand Valley Bank in Heber Valley means good things for the local economy.

“Having a strong banking and finance industry in our area is a good indicator of local economic growth,” said Starks. “To see Grand Valley Bank doing well and growing is a good sign for our community.”

The new Midway location of Grand Valley Bank first began serving customers in March, and recently held grand opening celebrations toward the end of July. 

For more information of services provided by Grand Valley Bank visit them online or in person at 92 West Main St in Midway. 

See the Wasatch Wave for ribbon cutting and photo of the event.