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Tour of Utah

Bicycle Race

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Event Start
10:00 AM  on  on Aug 7, 2016
Event End
4:00 PM  on  on Aug 7, 2016
Event Type
Athletic Activites

The Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah is one of only five UCI-sanctioned, multi-stage, North American pro cycling events in 2015. Showcasing some of the world’s most prestigious teams and cyclists for seven days in August, this event now attracts worldwide attention as the top international cycling event that follows the Tour de France. Nearly a decade since its opening circuit, the Tour of Utah, today, stands shoulder to shoulder with the most prestigious professional bicycle stage race events as our answer to the greatest cycling challenges the world has to offer.

Just say “Empire Pass” to a veteran of the Tour of Utah—then watch their face twist to an expression of excruciating anguish. Few climbs in the world have a reputation similar to Empire Pass. Topping out at over 9000ft, with rough pavement, average grades of 10% and pitches reaching over 20%, Empire Pass is quite simply the toughest climb raced in the United States. But this stage isn’t won on the summit. The winner needs a phenomenal ascent up Empire that’s followed by an equally brave descent down through the technically challenging Deer Valley Resort and into Park City. New this year will be a quick tour through downtown Park City, where our stage winner will need to save a little something special for the stage’s finish line; now positioned—after one last grinding climb—at the top of Main Street.

Event Start
10:00 AM  on  on Sunday, August 7, 2016
Event End
4:00 PM  on  on Sunday, August 7, 2016
Repeats Every
Aug 12, 2016
Free to Spectators
Heber City Center Street

Customizable Directions

Basic Directions

View the Tour of Utah race through Heber City as the riders ride from Wolf Creek Pass on Little Pole Drive in Center Creek, then on Center Street they will ride into Heber City, passing on Main Street to 100 S and onto Hwy 113 into Midway. Riders will ride on Homestead Drive towards Guardsman Pass and drop into Park City Main Street. Cafe Galleria and the Midway Town Hall are optimum viewing areas in Midway.