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Twyla Dawn Photography

310 North Main Street
Heber, UT 84032
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I am a lover of polka dots and Diet Coke! I am the only girl in a household of boys. My style is simple, classic, timeless and beautiful.  

 I started photography in the 9th grade, shooting on film. I adored everything about it! My favorite part was  heading through that revolving door to the dark room to develop that roll of film. The most amazing part was watching that print come to life through the process! Instant love! 

Years went by, I got too busy and unfortunately photography at the time didn't seem like a career step for me, even though I enjoyed it so much. So I decided to attend college for accounting.....boring but true. I spent many many years in that field.

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. ”
— Dr. Suess

My photography started up again when I decided to start a food blog. Through that, I discovered that my true desire was to capture those fleeting moments of my littlest clients.


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