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Unique places to get an Adult Beverage

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Jul 23, 2018
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Utah has a very unique culture to say the least. Each summer we celebrate that culture during what we call around here “Pioneer Days.” It’s a time of rodeos, music, festivals, parades, bbqs, dressing in pioneer garb, spending time with family, all celebrating the Mormon pioneers making their way across the plains to Utah. There is a bit of counter culture that likes to rib the dominating culture with what they call “Pie and Beer Day.” With a name like that it’s pretty clear what is celebrated.

To that end here’s a list of the best places in Heber Valley to get an adult beverage.

Main Street Social

Main Street Social is the perfect mix of modern and old school, of combing tradition with innovation. It’s a fitting mission for the business. Main Street Social is located in a pioneer era home built in the late 1800s. So, they literally are honoring tradition while creating new flavors with time honored technique and care.

Signature Drink: Cocktails. All original cocktails. Coming up with a list of drinks that would satisfy a variety of flavor palettes was hard but combing local and rare liquors helps Main Street Social provide truly unique mixed drinks.

Unique Feature: Only restaurant in the Heber Valley that features both an indoor and outdoor bar. One of the great features of Mains Street Social beyond the obvious of the two bars is found in their name – “social.” With the quaint spaces and the cozy bar, it’s almost as if the they designed the restaurant to encourage people to be social once again. So when you go be friendly, enjoy the delicious food, try a new drink and get to know someone new.

Midway Mercantile

Another renaissance restaurant as it were to make our list, Midway Mercantile gave new life to the bones they now call home. The “old mercantile” as locals used say, was built in the mid-1870s. Much of the history of that building can still be felt especially in the original wood floors that have been masterfully resurfaced. They bar area at Midway Mercantile is no less impressive than the rest of the building. The bar is beautifully crafted radiating a sense of style and elevation. Even if you’re sipping on a beer the feeling of class, charm and warmth are very inviting.

Signature Drink: Rosemary Gimlet – a medley of flavors of Beehive Gin sourced from Utah, a specialty rosemary syrup found only at Midway Mercantile, elderflower liqueur, fresh lime juice and topped with a sprig of rosemary make the perfect summer sipper.

Unique Feature: Local, Local, Local. If it can be found here locally in Midway, Heber, or Utah, Midway Mercantile wants to be able to use in their mixed drinks. They liquor and spirits that come from all over the state like the famous High West Distillery and locally brewed beers on tap. They feel that using local ingredients give their drinks more meaning to their customer. Something special to try. You know how that saying goes when in Rome? When in Utah… well… at least enjoy the variety of flavors and style of beers and mixed drinks that are as unique and inspired as the landscape they come from.


The largest bar/restaurant to make our adult beverage list is the Tarahumara Mexican restaurant in Midway. Picture in your mind the quintessential good time that comes with live music, good food, good drink, and good company and you have just pictured Tarahumara. Each weekend you can find live music from a variety of local bands playing music to make the atmosphere live and fun!

Signature Drink: Margaritas. Each of the places on this list specializes in some sort of offering, and for Tarahumara it’s their margaritas. The great thing about margaritas is that they pair quite nicely with the style of food in the Taramuara region of Mexico. From fajitas to flautas or burritos to tacos, the food and drink make for a great combination.

Unique Feature: Most people when they think of Utah, probably don’t associate it with alcohol, let alone tequila. The folks at Tarahumara Mexican restaurant in Midway are working to change that… well at least by offering the largest varieties of tequila in the state. Guest of the restaurant and bar can choose from over 80 different types. Making it truly one of the most unique adult beverage destinations in Utah.


Not a drinker? Not to worry. All of these places have a great family environment in different parts of the restaurants. Also most will make their speciality drinks "virgin" for those on "DD" duty.


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