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Area Information

Relocation Guide. If you are thinking about relocating to the Heber Valley, let us be the first to tell you about the area in our comprehensive Relocation Guide.  As one of the nation's fastest growing communities, we think you will love living the beautiful Heber Valley.  

Getting Here. The Heber Valley is located in Wasatch County and is situated only 50 minutes from the Salt Lake International Airport, 15 miles from Park City to the North (Summit County) and 20 miles from Provo to the West (Utah County).  Heber Valley conveniently sits between two world-class ski resorts—Deer Valley Resort to the North and Sundance Resort to the Southwest. 

State Highways I-40 and I-189 are the major access points to the area.  As a scenic drive, the Heber Valley is easy to visit.  Traveling from major western cities is as follows: Phoenix, AZ: 698 miles, Denver, CO: 524 miles, Los Angeles, CA: 673 miles, Las Vegas, NV: 409 miles, Yellowstone National Park: 345 miles.

Geographic Identity. Wasatch County has a land area of 1,175 square miles (3,044 km) and is home to parts of Uinta National Forest, Wasatch National Forest, and Ashley National Forest.  Three state parks reside in the Heber Valley—Deer Creek State Park, Jordanelle State Park, and Wasatch Mountain State Park.  Numerous lakes, reservoirs, and rivers wind throughout the valley.  The valley sits at an elevation of 5595 with the Wasatch Mountains reaching more than 10,000 feet.

Area Cities. The County Seat is Heber City which continues to be one of the nation’s fastest growing communities due to its quality of life.  One of Heber City’s greatest attractions is the historic Heber Valley Rail Road.  Heber City also operates a municipal airport, also known as Russ McDonald Field.  The airport covers an area of 401 acres and has one runway designated 4/22 with an asphalt surface measuring 6,899 by 75 feet.  The airport averages 80 aircraft operations per day.

Midway City is located three miles from Heber City and is the site of the 2002 Winter Olympics cross-country and biathlon events, which took place at Soldier Hollow. The town prides itself on its Swiss heritage and has created a Swiss-themed main street.  Each year, roughly 90,000 visitors visit the town to celebrate the Swiss Days festivals. The community is also known for the large "hot-pot" or geo-thermal crater at the Homestead Resort that offers year-round scuba diving in the crater’s 90-95 degree water.

Population.  The population within Wasatch County grew by 55 percent during the first decade of this century.  The growth has continued its unprecedented climb which has led to Wasatch County being the fastest growing county in Utah and Heber City being consistently ranked as one of the nation’s fastest growing cities (Forbes Magazine).  The current population within the county (as of 2012) is 25,500.  The population is expected to grow to 60,000 by the year 2040.

Climate.  The average summer temperature in the Heber Valley is 80 degrees.  Spring and Fall seasons are cool and mild.  During the winter months, the Heber Valley is blessed with Utah’s “greatest snow on earth” which allows for a variety of snow activities and events.

Lodging. With approximately 1,000 rooms to choose from, the Heber Valley is home to global branded resorts, such as the St. Regis.  Other accommodations include the Swiss-themed chalets at the famous Zermatt Resort and the rustic elegance of Daniel’s Summit Lodge.  Both quality and convenience are synonymous with our lodges.

Dining. The Heber Valley offers dining options for all budgets.  The exclusive Four Diamond Blue Bore Inn Restaurant boasts the highest possible Zagat rating of 26 and has received Wine Spectator’s Award of Excellence.  Other restaurants include the family-friendly Dairy Keen, where an electric train set maneuvers throughout the restaurant, to Western dining at the Snake Creek Grill.  More than 45 dining options will appeal to all parties.

Shopping. Dozens of unique shopping opportunities exist throughout the area.  In both Midway and Heber, small and charming boutiques and shops offer big-time deals.  Bookstores, custom furniture shops, and antique stores are just a sampling of the unique shopping opportunities in the area.

   Other Facts.

  • Despite its growing population, the Heber Valley boasts a 25:1 ratio of fish to people.
  • A series of warm-water hotpots are sprinkled throughout Midway City.
  • Soldier Hollow, the 2002 Olympic venue, was one of the most visited sites of the 2002 games.
  • The number of golf holes within a five mile radius is one of the greatest in the Western United States.
  • The Heber Valley Rail Road, once a major transporter of sheep, now carries 75,000 visitors per year.
  • More than 1,000 miles of snowmobile trails wind throughout the area (the equivalent of riding to Denver, Colorado, twice).
  • Red Rocks are prominent on the East end of the valley while soaring mountains are located to the West.

Heber Valley Style Guide. Download the Heber Valley Style Guide for information on proper use of logos, colors, and other formating information.