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Bagel Den February Business of the Month

Posted On
Feb 24, 2021

Customer service is one of those things most people will recognize both extremes, the really good, and the really bad. High quality customer service keeps people coming back, while bad services is fodder for review platforms. Matt Johnston, owner of the Bagel Den in Heber, and his team work hard to create an atmosphere and experience where their guests feel welcomed and invited to come back. Customer service for Johnston is all part of the plan.

“We wanted to create a place from the ground up. A place where the food was good, and where people enjoyed coming to work,” said Johnston. “We’ve created a culture where the staff feel like family to each other and they help keep it going.”

Most people will feel that passion as they come into the Bagel Den. The staff works really hard to know their recurring customers orders and great them with a warm smile. It’s this type of quality service people remember and share.

Originally from upstate New York, Johnston and his family moved out west to find more family time. As his kids were active in skiing and other sports, coming out west allowed them to spend more time together. Landing in the Heber Valley, Johnston and his family noticed that there weren’t many great breakfast places in the valley, and none that carried their favorite go to: bagels.

With extensive experience in the restaurant industry, Johnston and his family opened Bagel Den in 2018. Johnston says that though there were some doubters about whether a bagel place would work in Heber the crowds and support have proven otherwise.

Success is a two-sided coin. Not only does customer service keep loyal customers, but quality products turn those customers into ambassadors. Johnston and his team have delivered on both sides of the success coin. Bagel Den specializes in East Coast style bagels, with the raw dough being imported to the valley every day. Focusing on quality ingredients, fresh meats, cheeses, and using naturally sourced products have helped the Bagel Den become a fan favorite in Heber Valley.

The Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce is proud to recognize Matt Johnston and his team at the Bagel Den as the February Business of the Month for their quality customer service. Visit Bagel Den at 570 N Main in Heber.