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The Beginner's Guide to Heber Valley

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Jun 05, 2019
Things to Do

How to start your adventure in Heber Valley

Three state parks. One valley. Whether you live in Utah or are visiting from somewhere else in the world, you’ll find Heber Valley to be the home of your next breathtaking adventure. Full of countless memorable trails, the iconic Heber Valley Railroad and a one-of-a-kind hot spring known locally as “the crater,” this is your destination for a quick and convenient escape sure to thrill the whole family. With so many opportunities for adventure, it can be difficult to find where to start. Our beginner’s guide is here to help with a walkthrough of the best places to stay, eat and journey in order to experience Heber Valley to the fullest.

Where to stay and eat
When planning your trip, keep in mind how long you’re intending to stay in the Valley. We recommend that if you’re planning on staying for more than two days to make reservations at one of our many distinctive hotels, resorts or bed-and-breakfasts. There are several places to stay near and around the Heber Valley. We have lodging for everyone in mind. From unique stays at the Homestead Resort or to national brands like the Holiday Inn Express, you’ll feel at home here in the Heber Valley.

With lodging secure, it’s time to think about where to eat. We have over 30 local restaurants all serving wonderful food only found here in the Valley. Between quick and convenient meals to more elegant dining experiences, we have a restaurant for everyone. With 16 genres of food to choose from, our restaurants are here to satisfy no matter the craving. Try flavorful BBQ, flame-roasted pizza, juicy steaks or traditional Mexican cuisine. Use our search to see what restaurant best matches what you’re looking for.

Hitting the trails
With food and shelter out of the way, it’s time to do what you set out to experience here at Heber Valley: adventure. Regardless of what you’re searching for, from an intensive expert hike to a family-friendly excursion, there are dozens of unique hikes to choose from that span hundreds of miles of pristine Utah wilderness. The terrain varies from a steep, all-day climb up Mount Timpanogos to a calm stroll across the shores of the Strawberry Reservoir.

Our trails wind through mountains and forests, but they aren’t just for hiking. Take a horse or a bike through the Valley to experience the stunning scenery from a different perspective. Our mountains provide some of the best riding in the state, and whatever you’re in the mood for, you can find the perfect ride. Rides ranging from a thrilling challenge on the rugged Wasatch Mountains or a relaxed ride through the flattop meadows of Strawberry Valley make sure that there’s a ride suited to whatever you seek.

The endless miles of the Uinta Mountains were made for horseback riding. Some of the campgrounds in this mountain range even have mangers, hitching rails and loading ramps if you want to take your horse out for a few days on the trail. Whatever your fancy, Heber Valley has a trail for you and a memory waiting to be made.

Want to cool off after hiking? In the summer, there’s nothing better than diving into cool, calming water. With three large reservoirs surrounding the valley, a day at the lake is never too far away. Either bring your own tubes, boats, paddleboards and floats, or rent all the gear you need right there at the lake. Looking to kick things up a notch? Venture to our very own Aqua X Zone, an area of inflatable water sports obstacles that float atop Jordanelle Reservoir and promise an adrenaline rush for all ages.

Not looking to dive in just yet? The Provo River is also one of the most popular fly-fishing streams in the state, winding its way through the Heber Valley. The river runs from the peaks of the Uinta Mountains and works its way down to the Jordanelle and Deer Creek Reservoirs before finally joining Utah Lake. Brown, rainbow and cutthroat trout inhabit the freshly stocked waters, making it a fly-fishing paradise.

Adventure awaits
We hope you love your experience here in Heber Valley and remember it forever. Whatever you’re searching for, whether it’s a quick and convenient escape from the daily routine, a thrilling excursion to test your limits or a relaxing reprieve in the gorgeous wilderness of Utah, you’ll find it here. Make your reservations now, download our adventure guide and plan ahead: your Heber Valley adventure awaits.


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