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Make it a date

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Feb 06, 2015
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All right guys this is your fair warning, Valentine’s Day is just over one week away, eight days to be precise, so don’t miss it.

With Valentine’s Day coming up it got us thinking about date night, and though there are plenty of love inspired activities going on next week to write about from special HVRR trains, to specials at romantic restaurants, and places to get something sweet for your sweetheart, we wanted to focus on the quintessential date: dinner and movie. Here’s how you can plan a great date in Heber Valley not only this Valentine’s Day, but all year long.

Movies playing on Valentine’s weekend –

“The Theory of Everything” – PG13

“The Best of Me” – PG13

Two Cozy theaters –

Heber is home to two theaters, the Avon, seating for 400,and the Ideal, seating for 275. Both are located on Main Street and are within blocks of each other.  These theaters have been are part of this valley for almost 100 years. The Ideal Theater was built in the teens of the 1900s. It has undergone a few renovations since then, but the heart of the theater is still the same.  The Avon Theater is the birth place of theater surround sound, the creation from local Heber resident Jim Fosgate. Fosgate would later win an Emmy for his pioneering work on movie theater sound production.

Close to Home –

Anyone with kids knows that hiring a babysitter on date night can quickly become expensive. Driving to and from Park City or Provo for dinner and movie can add an extra one to two hours of babysitting. Luckily, for us in the Heber Valley we have two theaters that are close by that aren’t more than 10 minutes from most places in the valley. You can be out to dinner and movie then back home in time before your sitter starts charging for overtime.

Make it walking Date –

Each evening Heber City Main Street quiets down to a gently hum making it much more pleasant to take a stroll with your sweetheart. With many restaurants close by like Vito’s, Spin Café, and even Dairy Keen it is so easy to make it a walking date. Why bother with parking and re-parking when you can do it once and be done? Plus do a little window shopping while you’re out.

Inexpensive –

We already mentioned that staying close to home will save you money in babysitting costs, but did you know at the Ideal Theater two adults can see a movie for only $7? The Ideal usually plays movies that have been out for about eight weeks meaning they are successful movies that are worth watching. For new releases the Avon is your place to go.

Valentine’s Day Specials –

If you decide to pay homage to your very first date with your spouse this Valentine’s Day with dinner and a movie bring in your dinner receipt from a Heber restaurant to either the Avon or Ideal theaters for 10 percent off for your movie treats on Friday (2/13) or Saturday (2/14).



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