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Day 9: Ride the Rails like a Hobo

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Aug 09, 2013
Things to Do

Day 9: Ride the Rails like a Hobo

We love all things Heber Valley Railroad, but we love Hobo Days at the Railroad even more! Enjoy a train ride (if you want a more authentic experience you can even ride in the freight car), plus delicious cauldron-cooked stew in a tin can, the world's best corn bread (we have it on good authority), and soft drinks while exploring all things hobo. You can even wear you hobo outfit for photo ops ;)

When the train pulls into the Deer Creek Dam, everyone will get off and enjoy old-time entertainment, barrel fires and snacks. Then it's back on the train to arrive back at the depot before 11pm. It will definitely be an experience to write home about!

For details and tickets visit the Heber Valley Railroad's website.  


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