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Explore Our Backyard

Posted On
Dec 02, 2016

We all need breaks from the mundane; to get out stretch our legs, see new things, and explore wide open spaces. When life starts to get this way it's time to get outside and to do something different. Heber Valley, just a few short minutes away from Park City and only 45 minutes from Salt Lake City, offers the perfect mountain escape, for a day trip, a weekend getaway or however long it takes to recharge. Here are few reasons why you need to come to Heber Valley and Explore Our Backyard. 

Recently, Heber Valley was featured in a few blog posts from one of the nations leading websites for outdoor exploration inspiration, Roots Rated. Our valley offers endless appeal to outdoor entusiats. Since it's hard to make a list of "endless" (and who'd have time to read it), we think the "4 Best Hidden Gems of the Heber Valley" is a pretty good place to start. 

Only in the Heber Valley can you find Utah's only operating Historic Railroad, the only place in the nation to warm water scuba dive, one only two counties in Utah blessed with three state parks, and the only place in the west to explore a castle made of ice. 

Next time you 'volun-told" to plan your next family reunion, and you find yourself in a lurch, keep this in mind - "Heber Valley- Where Families Gather to Renuite."  Make it easy on yourself, plan a trip to the Heber Valley where you can actually reconnect with your family. Even if you have that crazy uncle that is borderline inappropriate, send him on a four-hour ATV ride up Wasatch Mountain State Park. Better yet, you go! You've earned it. 

Amazing accomodations are available at the Zermatt UT Resort, Daniels Summit Lodge, and Stone Hill Lodge to host family reunions of all sizes. A wide range of activities are available to help you have as much together time and alone time (we don't judge) as needed.