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Three tips for planning your family reunion lodging

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Apr 16, 2018
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Heber Valley has an extensive variety of lodging spaces perfect for family reunions. For the rough-and-tumble, rustic types the three State Parks have excellent accommodations with large group pavilions and group camp sites perfect for smores with the cousins. For those looking to be all under one roof, Timber Moose Lodge and Silver Springs Lodge each sleep up to 60 and 45 respectively. If the thought of too much together time is overwhelming hotels such as the Homestead, Zermatt, Best Western and Daniels Summit offer comfortable and cozy private rooms in addition to large gathering areas for games and “together time.”

No matter what style fits your family here are three tips to help you plan a memorable getaway.

Book Early

For a small mountain town an hour east of Salt Lake City, Heber Valley can get pretty hopping during the summer months. To that end, our suggestion is to plan and book early! Some planning websites suggest six-months to a year in advance. Planning early is the best way to get exactly what you want when you want it. Hotel rates are based on seasonality and occupancy. Booking nine to 12 months in advance can give you a heads up on the best rates before they go up. We know you love the weekends, but so does EVERYONE else. Sunday through Wednesday are when you can get the best rates, plus it will feel like you have the entire place to yourself!

Group Rates

Don’t be afraid to ask for a group rate or a deal on advanced booking. Depending on the size of your group you could get a really great deal on lodging, especially if you choose the hotel route. Hotels know people want to be together during family reunions and so they want to be accommodating. You can also consider getting a block of rooms so family members can purchase their own rooms instead of grandpa picking up all the costs (Unless he wants to which is totally cool).

Hotels vs Lodges or homes vs Camping

Now this is where personal preference really comes into play. Each option comes with its own set of awesome amenities and limitations. When booking a hotel it usually comes with more flexibility on dates and even rates. Between the five most popular destination hotels in Heber Valley there are over 650 rooms meaning you more likely to get what you want when you want it. Plus, hotels often have group rate discounts which a lodge or home does not.

Recommendation – If your reunions are more about being out and about and the activities you do as a family, and less about spending time in a room, then the hotel route is the best option for you.

Booking a lodge or home offers “one-roof-reunions” where the entire family can all be together. For family members who have babies a lodge or home is nice, so mom and dad can put the baby down and return to the fun. Cooking together and planning meals may be part of the family reunion fun so having access to a kitchen is very helpful. With lodges or homes, you book your family reunion around it’s availability which could make it difficult for some family members to come. Usually, they are less likely to work with your family on any reduced rates.

Recommendation – If you're more into crafting, bringing your own games and just hanging around, then the lodge or home route is a wonderful way to go.

Camping… is not for everyone. But for those families that love it, and many do, Heber Valley has great options. Our three state parks, Wasatch Mountain, Deer Creek, and Jordanelle all have clean camp grounds with group sites, RV and trailer hook ups, restrooms with running water and private showers. Camping is definitely a more economical family reunion lodging option. If you’re prepared to deal with mother natures mood swings, and enjoy wildlife then this is a great option too.

Recommendation – If your family loves being outside, secluded in the mountains or on the shores of lake, camping in the Heber Valley makes for a great time.

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