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Family Reunion in Utah's Backyard Adventure

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Oct 19, 2016
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During the five years that I’ve worked in Heber Valley, I’ve provided hundreds of referrals as to where people should visit within the Heber Valley area.  From one-day visits to week-long retreats, I’ve been able to talk the tourism talk quite well.  This fall, however, I was able to gain first-hand experience in truly experiencing the majesty of the Heber Valley.

Nearly one year ago, my immediate and extended family counseled on where we should gather for a first-of-its-kind family vacation.  We discussed going to Hawaii, to Disneyland in California, and even to St. George, Utah.  While each of these options had certain perks, we didn’t feel settled on the location due to a variety of factors, including cost, convenience, and family friendliness for small children.  Ultimately, we settled on staying in the Silver Springs Lodge in the Heber Valley.

While we had some questions as to the logistics of our family vacation, we all felt that this would be a good option as the Heber Valley is close enough to needed amenities, yet far enough away to feel like we were escaping to a better place.  We had family members travel from Tokyo, Japan; Los Angeles, California; and various locations throughout Utah.  As nearly 40 members of my family gathered together, we had one of the most memorable, pleasant vacations we’ve ever had.  Let me explain why.

The Silver Springs Lodge is amazing.  Simply put, it exceeded our expectations in every way.  In nearly every corner of the over-sized cabin is something fun to do.  Our large group would gravitate from floor to floor and eventually outside.  The basement has a movie theater, a pool table, a double-shot basketball game, a foosball table, and every board game imaginable.  The outside has even more to offer with a swimming pool, a hot tub, and a basketball court.  And then, there is the fishing pond—one of the highlights of our stay.

My children are always asking me to go fishing.  The Silver Springs Lodge has several fishing boats and standup paddle boards which were just what my children wanted (and needed).  We rowed to the middle of the lake and were able to catch decent-sized trout within minutes.  Fortunately for us, the bites kept coming as we caught and released a dozen fish within an hour. 

During the second day, the men gathered for an epic water-basketball tournament in which the winning team earned some hard-fought bragging rights.  At night, we gathered around the outdoor fire pit to tell stories, look at the starry sky, and just talk.

On the third and final day, we traveled to the near-by Cascade Springs trail system and enjoyed the beauty of fall time in Heber Valley.  We conclude the day by golfing at Wasatch Mountain State Park’s mountain golf course—one of the most thrilling golf experiences of my life.  It seemed as though the mountain was on fire with vibrant colors of orange and red (which also became a distraction for the easily distracted person like me).

At the end of our trip, our family had drawn closer together, and the memories we made will never be forgotten.  Not a bad trip for never having to jump on a plane or even travel very far.  For anyone looking for an unforgettable family vacation experience, look no farther than Heber Valley—Utah’s backyard playground.