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First Time Skier at Deer Valley Resort

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Feb 20, 2014
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“Wait a minute… You live in Utah and have never skied before?”   Yep, those are the words I’ve heard from many out of state encounters I have had over the duration of my adult life.  It definitely makes sense, I live in the Heber Valley - minutes away from 4 world class ski resorts. I cannot tell you why I hadn’t skied before… However I now can happily say; YES I have skied-and LOVED it!!

For a first time skier, I would highly recommend renting. We picked up our boots, skis and poles from Adventure Haus, with 2 convenient locations – one in the Zermatt Resort and the other at Stillwater Lodge.  The gentlemen that helped us were very knowledgeable, fitted with new high tech gear, and gave many helpful tips about finding our perfect balance of equipment for the terrain.

On our way to Deer Valley, although I was not quite sure what to expect, I felt ready for whatever was in store. I should tell you the experience level in our group: a very experienced skier, another that had some ski experience, one with snowboard experience – but no ski… and then there was myself – no ski, snowboard nothing- truly a first timer on the slopes!  

We started on the bunny hill, Deer Valley has two lifts and the magic carpet, an escalator of sorts that helps beginners get from  the bottom of the slope to the top on a gentle ride level with the ground. My first run down I flew, although I knew the position of   the wedge, or commonly called the pizza slice. It was not slowing me down enough at the bottom to stop, so I went down, first fall of the day wasn’t so bad. I dusted myself off and made it to the bottom in one piece. After a couple of times of falling, I decided there may be something else to this… Thankfully my skilled and very patient instructor came to my rescue and taught me to “carve” the slopes. I would recommend more than just watching a few you-tube videos, you really need someone on the slopes that can explain as you go, give you confidence, and of course - tell you when it’s time to get off the bunny hill.

Two more trips down the bunny hill and I am ready for the trail called Success, a nice easy blue run with a little slope to it. I skied down the Success trail a few times, feeling really confident about skiing at this point… We decided to hit the run called Little Stick,  a little more advanced with a little more vertical ascend, but not bad at all. I really liked this trail, it was a little intimidating at first,  the unknown is always a little scary, but still very enjoyable. I cautiously worked my way down the slopes while children that were  probably 3 and 4 years old whizzed past me.  There were ski lessons going on all around, ages range from 3-60 years old.  Guess it’s never too early or too late to start skiing.    

After about 4 hours of skiing it is time to call it a day, and a great day it was - first time skier working towards becoming a pro.

By Jessica Broadhead


Skiing, Winter