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  • Heber Valley, Utah
  • Monday, October 03, 2022
  • 12:08 AM
Mostly Clear Expected High: 36°
Mostly clear. Low around 36, with temperatures rising to around 39 overnight. East wind around 5 mph.
Windspeed: 5 mph
Tuesday 74°F Sunny
Wednesday 74°F Sunny
Thursday 76°F Sunny
Friday 77°F Sunny
Saturday 77°F Sunny
Sunday 77°F Sunny
Monday 75°F Sunny

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Need more help planning a trip to Heber Valley? Fill out the form below for a free Heber Valley Travel Planner.

The travel planner covers everything from exploring the Wasatch Mountains to boating and fishing at Jordanelle  Reservoir; from Deer Creek and Strawberry Reservoirs to riding the Heber Valley Railroad; from swimming in the warm mineral waters of the Homestead Crater to shopping and dining in the Heber Valley.

Want to visit Olympic venue Soldier Hollow in the winter for cross-country skiing or in the summer for golf? Need to know where to sleep and what attractions to visit? This is your guide. 

Download your Heber Valley travel guide HERE 

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