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  • Heber Valley, Utah
  • Tuesday, September 27, 2022
  • 08:27 AM
Sunny Expected High: 84°
Sunny. High near 84, with temperatures falling to around 82 in the afternoon. South wind 2 to 10 mph.
Windspeed: 2 to 10 mph
Wednesday 82°F Mostly Sunny
Thursday 79°F Mostly Sunny
Friday 71°F Chance Rain
Sunday 72°F Sunny
Monday 76°F Sunny

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Guardsman Pass Scenic Backway

This popular summer and fall scenic drive climbs up approximately 7 miles (approx. 11 km) of paved road to the summit at 9,717 feet (2,962 m) elevation in the Wasatch Mountain range. This well-trafficked pass is open during the SUMMER SEASON ONLY. The road is not maintained during the winter season, making the vast land area accessible via snowmobiles, snowshoes, or cross-country skis.

In the summer months, visitors pass fields of wildflowers flanked by evergreens, aspen trees, and other lush mountain foliage. There are multiple trails accessible from Pine Canyon Road and along Guardman Pass. The scenery is most spectacular during fall, when the aspens turn orange and yellow and oaks radiate hues of red. Views from the ridge overlooking Heber Valley, Snyderville Basin, and the Salt Lake Valley seem endless.

Bonanza Flat Conservation Area

From Bonanza Flat at the head of Pine Creek Canyon, one road branches right past the Ontario Mine and into Deer Valley in Park City. The Bonanza Flat Conservation Area is 1,534 acres (approx. 621 hectares) of undeveloped backcountry slopes nestled in the upper elevations of the Wasatch Mountains. In 2017, development threatened this pristine area. With the hard work and support of three cities, counties, public agencies, multiple non-profits, and hundreds of private donors, all were able to raise the $38 million to purchase the space and preserve the area in perpetuity.

Big Cottonwood Canyon

From Bonanza Flat at the top of Pine Creek Canyon, the left branch continues over Guardsman Pass into Big Cottonwood Canyon and past Brighton Ski Resort and Solitude Mountain Resort, then on into Salt Lake County.

Pine Canyon Road
Wasatch Mountains, UT
7 mile(s)
Time to Allow
1/2 hour

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