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Keep Busy with Heber Valley’s Choose Your Adventure Activity Book

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Apr 29, 2020
Things to Do

The kids are frustrated, bored or jumping around the house and you know it’s nice to have the family home together, but it’s stressful to keep everyone entertained. We know how you feel. It’s hard to entertain ourselves in the house for multiple days.

So, we are bringing the kid-friendly vacation destination of Heber Valley into your homes with the Heber Valley Choose Your Adventure Activity Book. Sit down for an engaging coloring session while learning about the area and what makes it unique with word searches, crosswords and more.

Then, we hope to see you soon in Heber Valley for a fun trip to complete your bucket list!

Once you’ve colored and completed the booklet, share something you learned about Heber Valley with us on social media by tagging @hebervalley and using the hashtag #hebervalley so we can all build each other up in this difficult time!

Let’s make some fun by creating positive experiences together.

Mighty Utah Coloring Contest

We have joined forces with five other Utah destinations to give away a “Mighty Utah Vacation” for a family of four. We’ll be giving away the following for all SIX Utah locations: 2-night stay, for a total of 12-night stays; $100 towards meals, for a total of $600 in meal vouchers; and an activity for 4, for a total of 6 activities. 

To enter:

  1. Follow all partners on IG & FB: @utahscanyoncountry @visitdinosaurland @BryceCanyonCountry @playindavis @HeberValley @discovermoab

  2. Tag 3 friends below in comments

  3. Complete the coloring book 

  4. Post a picture of your completed coloring book, and tag the participating destinations @utahscanyoncountry @visitdinosaurland @BryceCanyonCountry @playindavis @HeberValley @discovermoab as well as use the hashtag #MightyUtahVacation

  5. Complete steps 1-5 and then visit and complete the entry form

  6. Deadline May 13, 2020 by 5:00PM MST


Photo Credit: Heber Valley Railroad


Heber Valley Railroad

All aboard the historic Heber Valley Railroad! Step back in time to experience the “Golden Years” of U.S. railroads from 1920-1950. Chug along the track and let’s learn about the famous Heber Valley Railroad, nicknamed the “Heber Creeper.”

In the late 1800s, there was only one road — the Provo Canyon Toll Road — to get products and people in and out of the area. The idea for a railroad was proposed in the 1850s. The first railroad, after years of hard work from the residents, started running in 1899.

Today, the Heber Valley Railroad offers daily scenic train rides and nightly themed train rides through the canyon to preserve a slice of Americana that is hard to find. When you ride the train for the first time, you’ll walk on the station platform to find the railroad equipment, yard and building that feels like you’ve stepped back in time.

Just like in years past, individuals of all ages can enjoy the coach cars and cabooses while building positive and long-lasting memories.

While coloring, make sure to add Heber Valley to your bucket list and plan to make this trip a reality.

Photo Credit: Adam Barker


Bike through the Mountains

A popular warm-weather activity, and one that helps you get away from the stress of life, is biking. Biking and hiking trails range in difficulty, but many are family-friendly so you can easily get our of your homes and enjoy the fresh air.

Experience the solitary serene solitary nature of the state parks and other natural environments in the area. Let this outdoor adventure give you a closeup view of nature and see some beautiful skylines and viewpoints as you reach the summit of mountain peaks.

When without a bike in the area, there are many guides and outfitters who can not only provide you with access to the proper biking equipment but also give you a tour of the area.

Color your page to show what you think the mountains look like in the summer.


Photo Credit: Paddleboard Yoga by Park City Yoga Adventures at the Homestead Crater Photo by Andy Jenkins

The Homestead Crater

Walk through a 110-foot tunnel that opens up into a cave-like dome with a “sunlight,” so-to-speak, 55 feet above you. Below you, there is a natural mineral spring that stays at temperatures ranging from 90-96 degrees Fahrenheit all-year-round.

What has been molded and carved for over 10,000 years from melted snow is a literal hot-spot for a soak, swim, scuba or snorkel session.

Dr. Simons, an experienced scuba instructor said, “there exists no other warm-water scuba site as unique as The Homestead Crater in the interior of the United States, and possibly the world, where divers also have the amenities of a resort with lodging, excellent food and other recreational activities.”

Not a fan of the water? That’s OK too. There are non-water activities that you can experience at The Homestead Crater too.

Color your photo and think about what you imagine the crater to look like, come by soon and see if you are right!


Photo Credit: Adam Barker


Heber Valley Artisan Cheese and The Kohler Dairy

What animals live on the farm? I’m sure you had milk in your cereal for breakfast this morning. Or you’ve had a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. Heber Valley Artisan Cheese works with The Kohler Dairy to make their own cheese and it’s delicious, if we do say so ourselves.

There aren’t a lot of places in Utah where you can see the inner-workings of a dairy. As you color, think about taking a tour or attending classes and tastings. The dairy uses high-quality technology so the cows milk themselves! Learn more about the dairy in our blog post.

What color are you going to color your cow?

We hope you enjoy a trip to Heber Valley through our Activity Book and make the plans to visit these places soon!

Don’t forget to share your finished packed on social media with the hashtag #hebervalley and tag @hebervalley.

We hope to see you soon!


Now start coloring!