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High Valley Rental

High Valley Rental is devoted to providing a quality service and experience in the UTV rental industry. Located in the Heber Valley, High Valley Rental offers a variety of services when it comes to UTV rentals and enjoying the outdoors. Customers can rent our machines and have them dropped off at any one of our three free locations (Cascade Springs, Lake Creek, and Snake Creek). Customers may also have it delivered to their vacation rental location or pick it up from our office located in downtown Heber. High Valley Rental wants each person that rents our machines to enjoy their experience. To help with this, we offer free deliveries within the Heber Valley, longer rental hours, and street legal UTVs making it so you can enjoy a variety of trails and never miss out on a mountainous ride. Book your rental today and enjoy your experience with High Valley Rental.

Recreation & Entertainment
ATV, Motorcycle, Snowmobile
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