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Heber Valley Hiking Trails: An Adventure for Everyone

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Aug 01, 2019
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Heber Valley has a multitude of hiking trails that weave through forests and meadows on the face of the hills and mountain sides of the area. Each hiking trail leads to breathtaking vistas and overlooks the valley that makes each trail a must-see for locals and visitors alike. With so many options, it can be hard to decide which trail fits you best. Here is an overview of five different trails that range from light family outings to an all-day adventure-seeking activity. 





Cascade Springs

Cascade Springs is just west of Wasatch Mountain State Park. This half-mile trail is ideal for beginners or for a light family outing. The path is paved or has boardwalks and wooden bridges that allow for stroller and wheelchair access for hikers of all ages. The hike also allows dogs on leashes. Enjoy a trip to the water and explore the wildlife! Otters, beavers, deer and elk can be seen in this ecosystem, which can be a delight for kids! 


Pine Creek Nature Trail 

This beginner trail is perfect for hikers looking for an adventurous afternoon together. Pine Creek Nature Trail is a shaded, 1.2-mile hike that walks along a creek up to a glacier wash. If you would like a map for this hike, you can stop by the visitor center on your way to the trailhead. The visitor center is located at 1281 N Warm Springs Road in Midway. Hikers can expect to take about one hour for this hiking experience.


 Crows Nest Trail

Within Wasatch Mountain State Park, Crows Nest Trail is an intermediate, 1.5-mile hike with switchbacks and slightly steeper climbs than beginner trails. The trail is clearly marked and the hike takes about two hours. It’s the perfect hike for a morning workout, an evening activity or a picnic lunch adventure. You can get to the trailhead from the visitor center parking lot or from the Huber Grove Nature Center. 


Dutch Hollow Trail System

The Dutch Hollow Trail System is a collection of 13 trails. The length and difficulty of each trail vary from beginner to advanced and can be used by hikers, bikers, horseback riders and dogs on leashes. The trail conditions are mostly smooth and are dirt paths with little shade so water should be brought and used frequently. These trails are open year-round, making them a great place for snowshoeing if conditions are right.    


The Boneyard Trail

Photo Credit: Curtis Hendrickson via All Trails


The Boneyard Trail is a difficult, yet rewarding hike in Wasatch Mountain State Park. Full of dry tree carcasses that earn the trail its namesake, the Boneyard is full of steep ups and downs that require more experienced traversal. Adventurers can expect an intense trek through the atmospheric scenery with sharp inclines and a rewarding view of Heber Valley. This trail can also be used for mountain biking. 

An adventure for everyone

Whether you’re looking for a light family outing, an all-day excursion or intense trek, Heber Valley has a trail for you. Picturesque views, wonderful family memories and more await as you journey through, around and above the valley. For more hikes, visit our Trails web page for more information on how you can start your next adventure in Heber Valley.


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