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Business, Community Leaders showcase best of Wasatch County to Lt. Gov.

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Aug 19, 2016
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On Monday, August 15, 2016 business leaders, city, county and state officials welcomed Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox to Wasatch County as part of his statewide tour of Utah’s 29 counties.

“Having the Lieutenant Governor visit our area gave us an opportunity to showcase many of the good things that are happening in our county,” said Ryan Starks, executive director of the Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development.

During his visit to Wasatch County Lt. Gov. Cox met with several community and business leaders to become familiar with the successes, strengths and challenges the county faces.

“Growing up in San Pete County I have always watched the good that has happened in Wasatch County and looked to you as a pattern of what could happen in San Pete,” said Cox.

Many of Wasatch County successes and challenges have come from the substantial boom in population. Since the recession housing has rebounded, new businesses are discovering the Heber Valley, and tourism continues to grow.

Nate Sargent, president of Miro Industries, shared with the Lt. Gov. the benefits of receiving a rural fast track grant that allowed his business to purchase a significant piece of equipment and hire a full-time operator to improve production capabilities. He also shared his vision for steady, calculated growth of his business, and love of the area.

“We brought our company to the Valley because we wanted our business to be in place that has great quality of life for our employees,” said Sargent.

Investment into Wasatch County cities and towns is vital to the economic health of the community. Redgie Probst, founder of Probst Electric, is doing just that as he builds a multi-million-dollar facility at the new Industrial Park in Heber City to house his business and growing workforce.

Wasatch County has seen many positives in economic growth but also faces tough challenges. Heber City and Wasatch County officials talked about the need to create affordable housing with the Lt. Gov. as home values raise with the high demand. Midway officials discussed a desire for business growth to help alleviate burdens on the citizens.

Most officials agreed that busy traffic along Highway 40 has hindered business growth and limited tourism attractions in the county.

However, as a whole the cities and towns in Wasatch County are seeing great things from both the public and business sectors.

“From high tech innovations to leaders in their industries our community has attracted some cutting edge companies,” said Starks. “Great things are happening in this county.”