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Remembering the Advice From Mom

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May 12, 2017
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This weekend is Mother’s Day. It goes without saying that moms are amazing. Like how they always have sage advice that keeps ringing in your ears throughout your life. Let’s take a look back at some of that advice mom gave us as kids that keeps guiding us all these years later.

“Go Play Outside”

That same advice your mom gave you as a kid still applies today. We can even bet those same words have come out of your mouth. Hiking in the foothills of Wasatch Mountain State Park or along the nature trail near the campgrounds are easy ways to add some “outside” into your life. From the Visitor Center 12 miles of trails will take you to some amazing views of the Heber Valley that won’t find anywhere else.


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My favorite thing to do when I hear this plea from my mom was to jump on my bike and go for a nice long ride. Today, when I want to get out for a nice long ride I head to the Sorensen Trail near UVU Wasatch Campus. There I have over 23 miles of track to help me drink in the joy of being outdoors.


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“Meet New Friends”

Meeting new friends wasn’t hard advice for me to follow. I loved getting to know new people. What always surprised me was where I met those new friends and who they could be. Ever thought a horse could become your friend? Once you send a few good hours on horseback with the folks at Rocky Mountain Outfitters you better believe you grow a new appreciation and fondness for the powerful animal that carries you around. Without complaining I might add.


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I found it hard not to make new friends with people when we experienced the adrenaline rush of adventure. Try taking the world’s longest zipline over water, or negotiating a ropes course at Zipline Utah without making new friends along the way. Several stories up you learn trust and make friendships quick.


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“Go Ask Your Father”

One of my personal favorites. As a kid, I knew this meant my mom had had enough of us kids and she needed some peace and quiet. Going to ask dad was almost a shoe in (I know because I’m a dad and that’s what means around our house)! Now I look forward to the times I hear this line because it means taking in a round of golf at Crater Springs, Soldier Hollow or Wasatch Mountain. What better way to give mom a few hours of peace and quiet then a round of golf with the kids.

See mom, your advice didn't go through one ear and out the other. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! 



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