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Heber Valley Recognition

Posted On
Mar 22, 2016

Wasatch County 3rd Healthiest County In Utah

Every year the nonprofit group Robert Wood Johnson Foundation commissions a study on the health of all the counties throughout each state. This year they rank Wasatch County as the 3rd Healthiest County in Utah just behind Morgan (1) and Summit (2) Counties. The study takes into account things like quality of life, premature death, socio-economic factors, and healthly behaviors to measure overall health. 

Things like access to quality health care, outdoor activities, and environmental health help Wasatch County reach the top 3. 

Read more about the report from ABC News here

Wasatch County in Top 10 Places to get A Mortgage in Utah - 

Taking out a loan on a home is the single largest financial commitment most people will have to take out. With terms measured in decades, taking out a mortgage can be a scary endeavor. It is only fitting that the same rules of real esate apply to getting the best bang for your mortgage buck: Location, Location, Location. Recently Smart Asset ranked the top 10 counties to get a mortgage in Utah, and ranked Wasatch County #8. 

They looked into things like funding rates or how often loans are approved, property tax, borrowing costs, and other factors to determine their top ten. Wasatch County has traditionally had a very strong housing market with home values growing or at least holding their value very well. 

Read more of the Smart Asset report Here.

USA Today 10 Best - Under Water Attractions - 

Every so oftern USA Today creates a list of the "10 best" in locations all around the US. Currently they are seeking to find out by readers vote which are the 10 best Under Water attractions in the US, and our very own Homestead Crater is in the running. 

Over the next couple of weeks readers will have the opportunity to cast their votes. One aspect setting the Crater apart from everyone else is that it is the only warm water diving location in the entire United States. No other location can boast Caribbean blue mineral water at a steamy 95 degrees. 

To cast your vote and see where the Crater ranks to got USA Today 10 Best.