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Fun in Our Own Backyard

Posted On
Feb 06, 2014
Local News
Things to Do

Last week as my family and I walked out of the afternoon show of the Jordan World Circus at the Wasatch County Event Complex it occurred to me how cool it was to have such a fun event right in our own back yard.

The people of Jordan World Circus put on a good show. We saw ferocious tigers, death defying stunts, and even a few funny clown acts. I think the stars of the show were the family of elephants. Before the show folks could purchase tickets to ride ponies, the elephants, and even a camel, take pictures with tigers, and to be up close and personal with the acts. It’s moments of intimate interaction like these that I think that make attending the circus an experience that my family will remember rather than just an event we went to.

I think the one greatest parts of the evening was that I didn’t have to take my family to Park City, or Provo, or Salt Lake for us to find something fun for all of us to enjoy. We have events and activities going on all the time here in the valley. Whether you’re a visitor from out of state looking for something fun to do with your free time, or a seasoned Wasatch local, you can have a great evening right here in our own backyard.


There are many great resources to find things to do. On the Heber Valley Tourism website we are always promoting upcoming 

events, and there is a whole list of them on our community calendar. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter also to find out about last minute deals and events. There is always something to look forward to in the Heber Valley. 


by Dallin Koecher