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  • Heber Valley, Utah
  • Sunday, October 02, 2022
  • 11:32 PM
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Mostly clear. Low around 36, with temperatures rising to around 39 overnight. East wind around 5 mph.
Windspeed: 5 mph
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Parks and Recreation

Heber Valley has several recreation facilities offering an array of amenities. Heber Valley parks offer pavilion rentals, basketball courts, a skate park, play equipment, barbecue equipment, a dog park, an indoor recreation center and a horse arena. We have all the information you need when planning your next family reunion or day at the park. 

The Wasatch County Events Complex 
415 South Southfield Road (1200 West) in Heber City

The Wasatch County Event Center was built in 2006 for the equestrian enthusiasts, and has a variety of uses. The facility includes an indoor arena, large and small outdoor arena, a sports floor for the indoor arena, and stock holding pens. The complex can be used on most weekdays and some weekends for indoor riding, and it serves as an event facility on the weekends. To learn more visit 

Outdoor Arena

The outdoor arena consists of state-of-art animal handling equipment and includes the following features:

  • 240' x 140' large arena
  • 240' x 90' small arena 
  • 280' x 140' Warm up arena
  • Large and small stock holding pens to accommodate any size event
  • Two viewing areas for spectators with grandstands seating 2,800 people and bleachers seating 3,400


Indoor Arena

With 48,000 square feet of covered space, the indoor arena is a great place for a large event. The arena measures 160’ x 300’ and has 1850 permanent seats.


Wasatch County Recreation Center
345 West 600 South, Heber City

The Wasatch County Recreation Center is centrally located in Heber City. The rec center provides indoor sporting facilities for basketball, tennis, turf sports, racquet ball, etc. To make a reservation or for league information please visit


Recreation Center
5:30 am - 10:00 pm

5:30 am - 8:00 pm

7:00 am - 8:00 pm

Thanksgiving Day
7:00 am - 12:00 pm

Closed Sundays and Christmas Day

Southfield Park
1200 West Midway Lane (100 South)

The Southfield Park contains 39 acres and is located on the west side of Heber City.
Park Features: Fixed benches, play structure, slide, pavilions with electrical service and lighting, barbecue stands, baseball and softball fields with lighting, restrooms with lighting, skate park, concession stand, soda pop machines, soccer fields, tennis courts, garbage cans, drinking fountain, volley ball court.

The Charleston Town Park
Highway 113

The Charleston Town Park is centrally located on Highway 113.
Park Features: Play structure, barbecue pit, pavilion, picnic area, ball field, basketball courts, restrooms, town hall, and garbage cans. 

The Wallsburg Town Park

The Wallsburg Town Park is located on the East side of Wallsburg. 
Park Features: Play structure, pavillion, restrooms, barbecue pit, picnic tables, and an open grassy area.

Cove Park
1871 North Valley Hills Boulevard

Cove Park is a 2 acre neighborhood park located in the Cove at Valley Hills Boulevard.
Park Features: Fixed benches, play structure, slide, garbage cans, pavilion, and a barbecue stand.

Eagle Park
320 North 750 East

Eagle Park is a 1.5 acre neighborhood park located in the Timp Meadows neighborhood on 750 East.
Park Features: Fixed benches, play structure, slide, pavilion, barbecue stand, garbage cans, and basketball court.

Main Street Park
200 South Main Street

The Main Street Park contains 3.5 acres and is located in the central portion of Heber City on Main Street.
Park Features: Central location, bandstand, fixed benches, informative statue and plaques, picnic tables, play structure, slide, swings, pavilion, barbecue stands, baseball field, restrooms, garbage cans, drinking fountain, and volley ball court.

Muirfield Park
650 North 200 West

The Muirfield Park contains 15 acres and is located on the North side of Heber City.
Park Features: Play structure, slide, natural areas, and a dog park.

Valley Hills Park
1141 North Valley Hills Boulevard

The Valley Hills Park contains 2 acres and is located on the northeast side of Heber City.
Park Features: Tennis court, half basketball court, lawn area, and vegetation. The park is on a hill with little flat area.

Mill Road Estates Park
1141 North Valley Hills Boulevard

The Mill Road Estates Park contains 1.5 acres and is located on the east part of Heber City.
Park Features: Play structure and open area.

Wheeler Park
2120 South 400 East

Wheeler Park is a 4 acre neighborhood park located in the Wheeler Park/Daniels Gate neighborhood on 400 East, South of East Airport Road.
Park Features: Play structure, slides, children’s climbing wall, benches, garbage cans, picnic tables, and open area.  

Centennial Park
100 North Center Street

Centennial Park is centrally located on Center street in Midway City.
Park Features: Play structure, shelter and picnic area with grass and trees, wetland, perimeter parking, and a central location.

Hamlet Park
850 East Main Street

Hamlet Park is located on Main Street in Midway on the East side of town.
Park Features: Barbecue grills, play structure, restrooms, shelter and picnic area with grass and trees, and accessible parking.

Park at Valais
240 East Burgi Lane

The Park at Valais is a neighborhood park located on the corner of Burgi Lane and Interlaken Road.
Park Features: Ball diamond, restrooms, tennis, basketball, volleyball, walking trails, wetlands and open space, dog park, two pavilions, play structure, and a swing set.  

Town Square Park
100 North Main Street

The Town Square Park is centrally located in Midway City. The Town Square Park is home to several of the city’s large events including Swiss Days, Memorial Day, and Fourth of July.
Park Features: Outdoor ice skating rink, roller skating, barbecue pit, mobile gazebo, community center, shelter, town hall, grass and trees, parking on the square, restrooms, and a tennis court.


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