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Phone Doc March 2021 Business of the Month

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Mar 19, 2021

We’ve all been there. That moment when you step out of your car and you realize too late that your phone, that was sitting peacefully on your lap, is now hurtling towards the ground. As time seems to crawl as you helplessly watch it fall, you start to wonder if you’ll win the roulette that is a broken screen when it hits the ground.

There really is only one solution to the two scenarios of a broken screen or surviving the drop to be dropped again another day: Phone Doc.

If the phone screen gods aren’t with you that day and your screen does end up cracking, Thor Brown and his brother Raistlin at Phone Doc are there to fix the screen.

But as they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, Phone Doc is there to add screen protectors and phone cases to protect your phone from the inevitable lap drop. Not only can they help with physical damage to phones, but they can help with tablets, data recovery, and other issues related to mobile tech.

Thor has been repairing phones since he and his college roommate started dabbling in the technology. What started as a simple side hustle to help them make a few extra dollars to pay for school, soon became a business with several locations. As they learned more and more about these devices, they soon developed a training curriculum that was picked up and used at the local college. So, in some ways, you could say Thor and his buddy wrote the book on phone repair.

As they continued to have more and more success out in Nebraska where he was going to school, Thor always wanted to get back out to his hometown in Heber City. Nearly 10 years ago he was able to make it a reality. Partnering with his brother, Thor and Raistlin started Phone Doc in Heber. Today, they are located near 500 North and Main in the Smith’s Shopping center. Thor says he loves his new location as it has better access for his customers and space for his team to work.

Better access is a good thing for Phone Doc, as most people who go there once will go back again and again any time they have a phone or tablet issue. Thor and Raistlin have a goal to give the best quality service at affordable prices with same day repairs. A lofty goal for any team, but for the brothers they love what they do, and that passion comes through in their work and service.

The Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce is proud to recognize Phone Doc as the March business of the month for their exceptional customer service and for their willingness to give back and support the community.