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Fall Razor Adventure

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Sep 18, 2013
Things to Do

Yesterday we took a staff retreat and got away to the mountains for some time to enjoy the beautiful scenery and try out our Razor driving skills!

We picked up a couple of 4-seated Razors at Midway Adventure, (right there on Center Street in Midway), looked over the map with the owner Drew, who showed us where the best spots were, and then took off towards the mountains. We decided to go up past Cascade Springs, then head north and ride up along the ridgeway until we could drop down into Snake Creek Canyon, past the Wasatch Mountain Visitors Center and then through Midway, bringing us full circle.

It was my first time on a Razor and I have to say, it was a blast! Even though I was happy to leave the driving to other people ;) It started out as perfect day to enjoy the scenery and to shoot some good pictures, with good company and a beautiful fall morning! Mark found some serviceberries and had us sample some, since we’d never eaten one before. Whew! Those things sure are tart! Mark said they make good jam though, which I believe. Almost anything is better with a ton of sugar added …

Around the time we got up around Little Deer Creek Campground, the clouds started rolling in and within just a few minutes it had gone from a gorgeous fall day to a torrential downpour. And while the roof on the Razor was nice and kept off the worst of the rain, we still managed to get pretty soaked. You’ll notice there were no pictures taken after the rain started—we were just booking it back as fast as we could go! No time for picture taking!

The whole excursion was definitely an adventure though and one I’d gladly do again! So if you’re in town, I highly recommend seeing our mountains from the back of a Razor. 


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