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Redmond Named to Forbes Best Small Companies in America

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Feb 03, 2016

Making any one of Forbes lists is kind of a big deal. But when they name your company as one of the Best Small Companies in America, that's especially noteworthy. Redmond, based right here in the Heber Valley, is one of those noteworthy companies, and the only one in Utah to make the list. 

Forbes - Best Small Companies in America 

From the humble beginnings of a drought stricken ranch, brothers Milo and Lamar Bosshardt turned from farming and ranching the surface of the land to harvesting what lied beneath. What lied beneath was a perfectly preserved natural salt. Originally the Bossardt brothers sold their salt to farmers and ranchers for their cattle. However, the fame of the salt would spread and the snowy Utah winters became another opportunity to showcase the power ice melting properties of the salt. Today, the product line of Redmond has grown from ranch and road products to salt fit for the kitchen table and more.

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