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Santa Sleigh Ride

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Dec 12, 2013
Things to Do

Have you ever wondered what a ride to the North Pole would be like? Well it's really cold and dark, but quiet and beautiful. The sleigh bells ring and the forest is quiet with the stillness that only comes with winter and snow covered fields. Our family rode on the Sleigh Ride at the Homestead Resort with Rocky Mountain Outfitters. Our sleigh was big enough to accommodate our large family. We bundled up for the ride and brought blankets to wrap up the little ones, but our noses and cheeks were still frozen by the end. My favorite part of the ride was the sounds of children giggling as they blew frozen air at each other, and then their singing of Jingle Bells as we drove through the quiet night. When we arrived at Santa's Home it was lit with white lights and evergreen adored the door. The children ran to the door and helped themselves through looking for the jolly old elf, who welcomed them with open arms. The youngest child climbed into Santa's well worn lap and eagerly whispered his hopes and wishes for Christmas morning while the cousins stood around about awaiting their turn with the wise old soul in the red suit. The parents laughed and shared stories of years gone by when it was them awaiting their moment with Santa. Our evening was complete with warm cocoa and cookies at Grandma's and the story of that first Christmas eve that Grandma shared as the children gathered around her rocking chair. Another memory created for our family this holiday season.