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Events in Heber Valley



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Kohler Creamery Tour

  • 12/05/19 to 12/31/20
  • 4358517137

Mardi Gras Train

  • 02/28/20 to 02/28/20
  • (435) 654-5601
Party with the Heber Valley Railraod on the Mardi Gras Train! This two hour round trip departs at 7pm. Dress up in your Mardi Gras party finest. We'll have some beads, masks, and other party favors to add to your costume. Includes dancing in the aisles, sing-a-longs, and festive, non-alcoholic specialty drinks sold on board. Alcohol is not allowed on board the train. A family friendly experience. Arrive early for the old west gunfight at the depot at 6:30pm just before boarding at 6:45.

Winter Animal Tracking

  • 02/29/20 to 02/29/20
  • 435-654-1791

Nathan Spenser in State Road Tavern

  • 02/29/20 to 02/29/20
  • 4357833530

Issues Community Conference

  • 03/04/20 to 03/04/20
  • 435-657-3240

Timp Archery Spring Fling

  • 03/05/20 to 03/08/20
  • 435-671-2189

Country Line Dancing Lessons

  • 03/05/20 to 03/05/20
  • 4357833530

Broadway Show Tunes Train

  • 03/06/20 to 03/06/20
  • 435-654-5601
Join us for our popular Broadway Show Tunes Train!

Danny Seraphine's Take Me Back to Chicago Tour CTA

  • 03/07/20 to 03/07/20
  • 4357833113

Musicians Showcase in March

  • 03/13/20 to 03/13/20
  • 4357833530

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We do not accept the following events:

  • That are closed to the general public as in "members only" events.
  • Regular monthly meetings of any group or association.
  • Garage and/or estate sales or "going out-of-business" sales

Special Reminders:

  • All events must take place within the Heber Valley
  • Before submitting an event, please check to make it isn't already on the calendar.
  • If the event is on the calendar but needs to have changes made, please email any changes to us..
  • Do not enter any information in all capital letters.

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