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Events in Heber Valley



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Firecracker Baseball Tournament

  • 06/28/19 to 07/01/19
  • (435) 753-5662

Cheese Tasting

  • 06/28/19 to 06/28/19
  • 4358517137

Wasatch Plein Air Paradise 2019

  • 06/28/19 to 07/04/19
  • 480-822-8861

Military Appreciation Train

  • 06/28/19 to 06/28/19
  • 435-654-5601
Join us for this patriotic Military Appreciation Train - World War II.

Giants in the Sky

  • 06/28/19 to 06/28/19
  • 4356542125


  • 06/28/19 to 07/13/19
Cinderella is the story of a young girl who becomes a scullery maid for her step family after her father dies. When the Prince holds a ball for “every eligible maiden in the kingdom”, Cinderella’s step mother refuses to let her go. Heartbroken, Cinderella cries in the garden, only to discover her fairy godmother who transforms her into a beautiful princess wearing glass slippers and sends her to the ball in a golden carriage where the prince falls in love with her. But Cinderella flees at midnight and leaves one of her glass slippers on the stairs. The Prince, searching the kingdom for the girl who fits the glass slipper, finds Cinderella and they are married and live happily ever after.

The Heber Half Run For Autism

  • 06/29/19 to 06/29/19
  • 8012219930

Giants in the Sky

  • 06/29/19 to 06/29/19
  • 4356542125

Giants in the Sky

  • 06/29/19 to 06/29/19
  • 4356542125

Historic Huber Grove Tours

  • 06/30/19 to 06/30/19
  • 435-654-1791
Tour the historic Huber Grove and home. Visit this beautiful, peaceful area and learn about the history of this charming site.

Your next event is about to get REALLY exciting! We have created a guide to help you plan the perfect event in Heber Valley. Please download our Special Event Tool-kit.  

We do not accept the following events:

  • That are closed to the general public as in "members only" events.
  • Regular monthly meetings of any group or association.
  • Garage and/or estate sales or "going out-of-business" sales

Special Reminders:

  • All events must take place within the Heber Valley
  • Before submitting an event, please check to make it isn't already on the calendar.
  • If the event is on the calendar but needs to have changes made, please email any changes to us..
  • Do not enter any information in all capital letters.

If your event occurs regularly on particular days of the week enter the final end date below, check the 'Recurring' box and select the appropriate days.

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