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My Top Six Spring Activities in Heber Valley

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Apr 18, 2019
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What is there to do in Heber Valley in the spring? I get asked this question all the time!  Most people know about the endless summer and winter adventures in Heber valley, but what about the spring? Heber Valley in the spring is Utah’s best kept secret - there are some neat things to see this time of year.

When I think of spring, I think about baby animals, spring flowers and Easter, oh and cookies, but I always think about cookies. I’ve worked at the Visitor’s Center for almost seven years and these are some of my favorite activities I would recommend in the spring. 



Kohler Creamery

Spring in Heber Valley is the perfect time to get out for a little escape and see some neat places. Have you ever seen a cow being milked? Have you ever seen a robot milk a cow? Have you ever been behind the scenes at a dairy farm? Now you can. The  Kohler Creamery has opened their milking barn to daily tours. You can now see the ladies getting milked and pampered and you may even be lucky enough to feed a calf – my favorite part of the tour.

In addition to the creamery tours, they also offer bi-weekly cheese tastings with over 30 different flavors of cheddar cheese (Wasatch Back Jack is  my personal favorite), a mozzarella cheese making class, and Baby Animal Days the last weekend in April. All great activities come rain or shine.


Heber Valley Railroad

Do your kids ever wonder if color television was around when you were growing up? Have they ever ridden on a historic railroad? Step back in time with a ride on the Heber Valley Railroad. The railroad has train cars dating back to 1913 and a steam locomotive from 1907. In addition to the regular running scenic train rides, the railroad has several themed train rides for date nights, family nights, or even a girl’s night. You can see their full schedule at

My favorite ride on the train in the Provo Canyon Limited. It is a three-hour train ride around the backside of Deer Creek Reservoir, following the Provo River to Vivian Park in Provo Canyon. This ride is the most scenic, includes on-board entertainment- and a train robbery, and you can either pre-order lunch or bring your own on-board. 


Homestead Crater

Nestled in the heart of Midway sits a giant calcite dome, the Homestead Crater. Inside this dome is a mineral rich hot spring with water that is 95 degrees naturally year-round with depths of 65 feet. The water is heated from lava about 2 miles underground as it makes its way back to the surface.

The Crater offers scuba diving, snorkeling, and soaks year-round. There is a limited number of people allowed inside the water at the Crater at a time, so a reservation to soak or scuba is recommended. If you are feeling even more adventurous take the stairs to the top of the Crater and peek down the opening at the blue waters from above. If you forgot your suit or don’t feel like jumping in, you can visit the site anytime during their regular business hours free of charge.   

Epic Golf

Heber Valley sits at about 5500 feet in elevation and our golf courses (weather dependent) typically open early to mid-April. The benefit of golfing in the spring is of course the green grass, mild temperatures and THE BEST scenery around. You may even see the local herd of elk, deer or a few wild turkeys. Most of the golf courses offer special rates this time of year especially if you are golfing in the afternoon. If you’re like me and never golfed before - try hitting a bucket of balls on the driving range for a few bucks, it’s a great way to blow off some steam. Or just grab a bite to eat at any one of the course’s cafes for good food with great views.



Sweet Treats

I have a bit of a sweet tooth; these are the two places I like to curb my sweet tooth. We have the world’s best cookies at Suss Cookies, the cookies melt in your mouth! They don’t use any preservatives in their baking so they taste just like grandma’s cookies and have all of the staple cookies we all know and love, plus some fun concoctions.

Another personal favorite is Judy’s donuts, they just opened this April. They are located in Midway at 231 East Main Street Try the maple bar with bacon on it – no regrets.




Heber Valley has a great mix of good food and moderate activity leaving you feeling refreshed and content. Even a little rain shouldn’t stop you from experiencing spring in Heber Valley.

My name is Jessica, I have three kids ages 2-13. I live and work in Heber Valley. When we vacation, we enjoy a good mix of adventure and relaxation, and of course good food. 



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