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  • Heber Valley, Utah
  • Tuesday, September 27, 2022
  • 08:36 AM
Sunny Expected High: 84°
Sunny. High near 84, with temperatures falling to around 82 in the afternoon. South wind 2 to 10 mph.
Windspeed: 2 to 10 mph
Wednesday 82°F Mostly Sunny
Thursday 79°F Mostly Sunny
Friday 71°F Chance Rain
Sunday 72°F Sunny
Monday 76°F Sunny

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Strawberry Valley

Don't miss the spectacular display of yellow, red, purple and orange that color the hillsides during July and even into August.

In the center of this valley is an expansive reservoir, covering over 17,000 surface acres and fed by several meandering tributary streams. A mind-boggling abundance and diversity of wildlife are attracted to Strawberry Valley during summer, making this an unbeatable drive for watching wildlife. The Utah Wildlife Viewing Guide highlights Strawberry Valley as an opportune wildlife viewing area in Utah. Use this guide to direct your tour of the valley; a map is included. Stop in at the Strawberry Visitor Center 23 miles southeast of Heber City, just off US Hwy 40 in Strawberry Valley, to obtain a copy. The visitor center is a good stopping place to gather information about other activities in the area or to stop and stretch your legs. A boardwalk nature trail adjacent to the visitor center follows the Strawberry River and offers some ideal wildlife viewing opportunities. The visitor center itself houses exhibits that explain Strawberry's history and natural features. A lawn by the stream, restrooms and plenty of parking make this a nice spot for a picnic or just a good rest break.

Several campgrounds on the shores of Strawberry Reservoir are available as well as numerous day-use areas with parking, restrooms, and picnic tables. More information about Strawberry can be obtained from the Heber Ranger District office of the Uinta National Forest, just southeast of Heber City on Hwy 40 (435-654-0470). To access this drive, simply follow US Hwy 40 southeast from Heber City, approximately 20 miles into Strawberry Valley. Don't forget your binoculars and a telephoto lens on your camera to get a good look at Strawberry's magnificent wildlife.

These Indian paint brush were mixed with the sage brush in Strawberry Valley, South of the Strawberry Reservoir. A scenic road is paved to the Renegade Campground. A trip up Indian Creek and south gives views of the Strawberry Valley, and are only equaled from the Coop Creek Road north of the reservoir.

Strawberry Valley
Uinta Mountains, UT
435-654-0470 (Main)
20 mile(s)
Time to Allow
1 hour

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