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#HVSummerStory Chapter 2: Mountain Biking

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Jun 28, 2017
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What’s great about mountain biking in the Heber Valley is that it is still one of the best kept secrets in the Utah mountain biking scene. Most people don’t realize that Heber Valley has over 80 miles of mountain biking trails ranging in skill level from beginner to challenging expert terrain. Our #HVSummerStory continues with the granddaddy of trails, the WOW Trail at Wasatch Mountain State Park.

The WOW Trail, short of Wasatch Over Wasatch, begins near the top of Guardsmans Pass (a challenging road ride of itself, but we’ll save that for another time) is about 10 miles long start to finish and takes you through multiple layers of terrain, earning its name sake – WOW. The WOW also connects into the Dutch Hollow Trail System creating an even longer trail ride.

To help us on our adventure we recruited the expertise of Perry Dickson, of Slim & Knobby’s bike shop in town to help us navigate the trail and provide vital tips along the way. Check out his advice in the video.

Here are our suggestions for creating your own epic experience on the WOW trail.

Start Early

There is no doubt the best time to ride in Utah is in the cool of the morning. Generally, speaking it stays cool through 10 am and comfortable through noon. Getting to the trailhead early also helps you snag a good parking spot.

Fill up at Fillerup Coffee Station

You don’t want to lose energy on the trail so if you didn’t eat breakfast before you left your house or your hotel, grab a bite at Fillerup Coffee Station at 201 E Main Street in Midway. We recommend the protein breakfast burrito. It’ll fill you up without slowing you down.


Unless you’re a true die hard and purist take two vehicles - one to park at the bottom and the other to shuttle you to the top. The WOW trail is two directional and is open to hikers so whether you’re climbing up or soaring down exercise caution and courtesy to fellow hikers and bikers.

About a mile past the WMSP Visitor Center up Pine Canyon drive is a parking lot marked with a Wasatch Mountain State Park sign. Drop a car off here and continue up another 6 miles until you get to upper parking lot. As this is state park you’ll need to pay the day use fee or purchase an annual pass for your vehicle.

Gear Up

Once you start the trail there aren’t any bail out points to get back to your car or the road. It is a good idea to take with you a spare tube, bike pump, and a multi tool to help you tackle challenges that might come along the way. Throw in some water and some snacks to keep your energy up and from dehydrating.

Tune up

WOW is a good trail with some technical spots along the way. You would be wise to make sure your bike is in top shape before you go. Slim & Knobby’s in Heber has a full staff of bike mechs with decades of experience. They’ll make sure to get your bike ready to perform. Also on their website they have maps for both mountain biking trails and road routes

Lunch at Spin Café – Try the Gelato!

Though much of the trail is downhill it doesn’t mean there isn’t any uphill sections and places you’ll have to work. After ten miles, or more if you connect over to Dutch Hollow, you’ll need to recharge again. We suggest Spin Café. With great American style fare Spin Café offers some of the best food in the Heber Valley. You can't leave without trying the gelato while you’re there.

Enjoy discovring why Heber Valley is one of Utah's best kept mountain biking experiences. 


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