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Why Not Take the Scenic Route?

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Jul 11, 2014
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*Our last blog was about hiking trails in the Heber Valley. This week we continue the outdoor theme with a guest post from Jessica on her experience over Guardsman Pass. 

When given the option many prefer the quickest route. This route is great. It gets one from point A to B in a reasonable amount of time and generally with few stops. If you have the time I must suggest the alternative; take the scenic route.

I was recently given the opportunity to take Guardsman Pass a scenic byway that connects Midway to Park City and Brighton (Salt Lake). I enjoyed every minute of this drive; I rolled down my windows to catch the aroma of the crisp mountain air. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to stop and gaze upon fields of wildflowers and fresh mountain foliage.

The drive from Midway to the Bonanza Flat is only 7 miles on a paved road just east of the Wasatch State Park Visitor’s center. This road is very clearly marked, once at the flat you have a choice to head right to Park City or left at the fork toward Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Big Cottonwood road winds its way along steep canyon walls toward Salt Lake City. The route to Salt Lake City takes about an hour from Midway. The road to Park City heads past the Ontario Mine and leads you to Deer Valley. I highly recommend frequent stops along the way to take pictures and bask in Mother Nature’s bounty.      

This drive is most enjoyable during summer or fall. During summer you can expect to see vast fields of beautiful wildflowers and lush mountain greenery. Many would say autumn offers the most picturesque scenery when the aspens turn orange and yellow and the oak trees turn many shades of red. It is also important to remember this road is seasonal. Guardsman Pass is generally open Memorial weekend – mid – November (weather permitting).

For more information on Guardsman Pass or other scenic byways in Wasatch county please visit


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