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Midway: Utah's Swiss Alps

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Mar 03, 2015
Things to Do

There is only one place in the country where you can ski the slopes and scuba on the same day. There is only one place in the country where world class Nordic skiing athletes come to train at the premier Soldier Hollow Resort. There is only one place in the country that holds the largest championship sheep dog competition, and there is only in place in Utah where polka music, crafts, and lederhosen all come together.

That place is Midway, Utah.

Tucked back in the corner of the Wasatch Mountains in Heber Valley, Midway is home to Utah’s Swiss Alps, dubbed so by the original Swiss settlers who were reminded of the green grassy valleys and the snowcapped rocky slopes of their home country. And they would know what an Alp is.

Today Midway is a quiet little town of just a shade over 5,000 people that often finds itself in the world’s spotlight lumped together with places like Thailand, Florida, Argentina, and even the Caribbean.

Just recently, Midway is having a magical moment. Midway has become hot with towering ice, and though a mild winter put a damper on the two acre ice castle the spark has been lit and the ice will rise again. People are coming from all over to experience what Melanie Haiken said in her cover story in Via magazine that Midway is “old-world charm with a dash of modern temptation.”

Some of those modern temptations might include a razor ATV up into the mountains, or a guided fly fishing trip with local outfitters, or even a shopping trip for antiques, crafts, or whatever else one might find in a barn.

As winter begins to transition into spring now is just as good of a time to get out for a vacation to Midway because both season activities are available. Spring skiing is still going on, fishing on the lakes and reservoirs is getting hot, and shopping, well shopping is a year round sport.

Now is the time to get out to experience Midway and the Zermatt Resort is just the place to get a little European elegance. The Zermatt is offering great "Stay and Play" packages to help you get out of the house and into in Utah’s Swiss Alps.

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