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How to: The Heber Valley Trip Planner

Posted On
Aug 07, 2020
Things to Do

Sitting at a computer, switching between tabs, trying to keep track of all the things you want to see and places to go can turn into an overwhelming process as you plan out your trip. Then, once you’ve compiled a list of everything you want to do, it takes time, energy and a lot of finagling to fit it all into one trip. It becomes a frustrating project, and it’s easy to wonder if the trip is even worth taking after hours of planning and cramming.

There is nothing relaxing about that.

Simplify plans to Heber Valley by using the Itinerary Trip Planner.


How it Works

The Trip Planner is incredibly easy to use. Input your start and end date. Fill out the number of adults, teenagers and children coming along. Then, if you want to customize your preferences, hit the drop-down menu of optional activity preferences and choose between popular destinations or hidden gems, the pace you want to enjoy your trip and the types of activities to include. Click to see your plan, then sit back and relax while the planner does all the heavy lifting for you.

Make it Your Own

Once your plan is populated, it will give you the best routes and schedule, even as you refine it and add, remove or reorder any of the activities you want.

View your plan by driving routes, day to day plans, choose where to stay, find all the local eateries, see what events are happening and view your checklist of things you need to do before coming. This can include purchasing tickets, booking your hotel, renting a car if you need one and more.

Made reservations?

The ‘+ Add’ button in the top right corner lets you include any reservations you have, explore things to do and even lets you make a custom event!

Easily make changes to the number of guests coming, arrival and departure times and your activity preferences. Your itinerary may be updated or changed to match your new selections.

Have a co-captain to help with the planning?

Add them to the plan as a co-traveler and they can also add in reservations, make changes and see the itinerary for planning.

Finalize It

Once your plan has been perfected, you can publish it to share with others traveling with you. Print out your plan as an easy guide to take with you. Each plan even gives the option to customize what you print; Include everything from maps and reservations made, to your checklist of to-do items.


You can choose Your Adventure in Heber Valley online, in one place.

What are you waiting for? Start planning your trip today!