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Local Hikes - Crows Nest Loop - WMSP

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Jun 27, 2014
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I have always liked being out in the mountains. There is something so peaceful and serene about going on a hike out in nature. So I was eager to get outside to try one of the many hiking trails around our valley. To get started I did some research on the Heber Valley website to find trails that were fun, not too tough and not too easy either.

Ultimately, I ended up choosing Wasatch Mountain State Park. They have a few different loops and series of trails that are very appealing. There is the Dutch Hollow complex on River Road in Midway that features miles of hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails. I ended up choosing the Crow’s Nest Loop hike near the Visitor Center at WMSP.

A quick plug for the Visitor Center – if you haven’t been out to the Visitors Center out at Wasatch Mountain State Park, you need to go it’s totally worth the visit. They have knowledgeable staff to help you pick a hike, there is a neat wildlife/historical exhibit, fishing pole rentals, GPS systems for geo caching, and, my favorite part, a freezer full of ice cream and popsicles. Go out and visit them!

How to Get there –

You can get to the Crow’s nest loop from the visitor center parking lot, but I suggest parking up the street at the Huber Grove nature center (Link here). It’s a little closer to the trailhead, plus you get to see the Huber Grove historic home for no extra cost. ;) Once you park you’ll head south along the road. The trail is clearly marked and well maintained making it easy to spot. Once you make your way up the mountain there are trail signs pointing which way to go. Not hard at all to find. But here’s a map just in case.

What to Expect –

According to the rangers at the Visitor Center and the map of this trail system, the Crow’s Nest loop is only 1.5 miles long and is considered an intermediate trail because it has steeper climbs and more switchbacks than the beginner trails. However, that being said I wouldn’t have a problem taking my 5 year on this trail. I didn’t think it was too steep or too long for a family with young kids to enjoy.

I really enjoyed this trail. I went on a warm day with some coworkers and we had a great time. I would say at least 60 percent of the time we were covered by trees making it a very comfortable hike. Even though it kept us cooler, I would suggest packing a good amount of water because Utah summers can get hot especially when you’re hoofing it up a trail.

Be sure to bring a camera. The Crows Nest loop has great views of the Heber Valley that you won’t want to miss.

All in all from our car out and back we spent about 2 hours on the trail which is actually pretty nice because you don’t have to dedicate a lot of time to get out hiking. This trail system at Wasatch Mountain State Park is perfect for a morning workout, an evening stroll, or even a Saturday picnic. I look forward to spending more time in these mountains!

Finding your Hike

For this hike I was looking for a leisurely stroll in the mountain air. However, if you’re looking for some something more difficult, something to take your horses on, or something to zoom down on a mountain bike check out some of these resources to plan your next hike in the Heber Valley. 


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