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  • Heber Valley, Utah
  • Sunday, October 02, 2022
  • 09:56 PM
Mostly Clear Expected High: 36°
Mostly clear. Low around 36, with temperatures rising to around 39 overnight. East wind around 5 mph.
Windspeed: 5 mph
Monday 74°F Sunny
Tuesday 74°F Sunny
Wednesday 76°F Sunny
Thursday 77°F Sunny
Friday 77°F Sunny
Saturday 77°F Sunny
Sunday 75°F Sunny

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Wasatch County Fair

Are you ready for a full week of fun? That is what you can expect at the annual Wasatch County Fair Days! Special events and activities take place each day and around town. Put this on your calendar because you're not going to want to miss a single moment. More information here.

Derby and Rodeo tickets go on sale June 1st at 9:00 am on

Friday, July 29th through Saturday, August 6th

(all subject to change* - confirm schedule here)

Friday, July 29: Demolition Derby @ 7:00 pm

Saturday, July 30: Demolition Derby @ 7:00 pm

Monday, August 1: Party in the Park and Talent Find @ 6:00 pm at Southfield Park

Tuesday, August 2: Pool Party @ 1:00 pm at Wasatch Aquatic Center

Wednesday, August 3: Country Market, and Carnival Kickoff all day; BBQ Dinner with Singer and Hypnotist @ 6:00 pm at Southfield Park. Outdoor movie at Southfield Park begins at dusk. 

Thursday, August 4: Fair exhibits, Country Market, and Carnival all day;  Mountain Valley Stampede Rodeo @ 7:00 pm; Charley Jenkins Concert following the rodeo (9:30)

Friday, August 5: Fair exhibits, Country Market, and Carnival all day; Special Needs Rodeo @ 9:00 am; Mountain Valley Stampede Rodeo @ 7:30 pm

Saturday, August 6: Fair exhibits, Country Market, and Carnival all day; Parade @ 4:00 pm; Mountain Valley Stampede Rodeo @ 7:30 pm; The Horse Of Many Colors Balloon Launch @ 9:00 pm

Southfield Park will be the location for the Party in the Park, Talent Find, BBQ Dinner, Outdoor Movie, and daily Country Market.
Wasatch Aquatic Center will be the location for the Pool Party.
Wasatch County Fairgrounds and Outdoor Arena will host all other activities and events during Wasatch County Fair Days.

415 S Southfield Road
Heber, Utah 84032
801-801-1111 (Test phone number for Heber)
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August 1 thru 6
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