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Winter at Full Throttle

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Mar 06, 2014
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Often I tell people from the Wasatch Front that Heber Valley is a short drive away but a world apart, that became blatantly real to me on Tuesday as a few of us from Heber made our way to Daniels Summit Lodge for some snowmobiling.

That’s right snowmobiling. Even though we have no snow on the valley floor in Heber, and winter seems to be a myth to the folks along the Wasatch front, it’s still alive and well up past 7000 feet.  If you’re not ready to pack up your boots, snow pants, and parka there still is plenty of time to head up to Daniels Summit Lodge to experience the thrills of zooming through the winter powder on a snowmobile.

As a newbie to snowmobiling I was excited to see what all the hype was about, and plus a sport with the word “power” in front of it, just really speaks to my inner teenager.  As a novice to the sport I feel like I have the obligation, nay, duty to share some tips for other first timers.


  • Start with groomed trails. With over 40 miles of daily groomed trails, the Daniels Summit Loop and other trails up there are a great place to get your “snow” legs before you venture off the beaten, I mean, groomed path.
  • Bring a camera. When you’re out and about in the forest in places you could never get to without a snowmobile you’re going to want to remember the beautiful views and vistas especially as you rise above 10,000 feet.
  • Pack snacks. If you don’t bring your own they have a great convenient store to get your snacks. You’re going to want some snacks (I prefer gummy bears) when you take a moment to slow down to take in the scenery or to get your machine unstuck (no comment).  
  • Wear goggles.  Though they have helmets with face masks, but you may find it preferable to have ski goggles that keep from fogging up. When you’re going 50 MPH through a meadow you really want to see what’s in front of you.   

Hopefully these tips will help you enjoy your next snowmobiling experience.

The conditions up there couldn’t be better for this time of year. Don’t worry there is still plenty of snow (over 7,000 feet) and untouched paths to explore. Brent Hill, owner up at the lodge, expects they will be open for snowmobiling until May 1. Also check out some great stay and snowmobile packages online.

Come up to the Heber Valley and up to Daniels Summit Lodge to experience your last grasp of winter at full throttle.  

By Dallin Koecher


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