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Annual Reports

Heber Valley Tourism, Economic Development and Chamber of Commerce Annual Reports

  • 2020 Heber Valley Annual Report - On behalf of Wasatch County, we’d like to present the 2020 Annual report. The Heber Valley has show remarkable resilience as it has adapted to overcome the devastation of a worldwide pandemic. Our office has been truly inspired by the strength of this community. We saw business leaders, public officials, and nonprofits all working together to address many growing needs. We saw businesses flex their creative muscles as they explored new ways to reach their customers in safe and socially distant ways.


  • 2019 Heber Valley Annual Report - The year 2019 has been another banner year in the Heber Valley. To kickstart the new year, we launched Team Heber Valley as the theme to guide our efforts, and in looking back at the many successes of the year, we can attest that our
    success centered on teamwork. Among the highlights from 2019 are the significant expansion
    of the Heber Valley Hospital, a successful Wasatch Back Economic Summit — a partnership with the Park City Chamber of Commerce, and the grand opening of many great businesses, including Ventum — a specialized bike company that relocated its headquarters from Miami Beach, Florida.


  • 2018 Heber Valley Annual Report - Throughout the year, we’ve seen significant business expansion projects, including a $60-million expansion between the Rocky Mountain Care facility and the Heber Valley Hospital. Other highlights include the development of a 10-point economic development plan, the launching of the first-ever Wasatch Back  Economic Summit, the installation of new wayfinding signs, and our hosting the 2018 Outdoor Recreation Summit. Indeed, this year has been busy and exciting.


  • 2017 Heber Valley Annual Report - The theme for the 2017 Annual Report was simply "It keeps getting better." Over the course of the year our office saw continued success in reach our mission and vision for 2017. More business investment continued to come into the valley, most notoably the grand opening of the Best Wester Plus Heber Valley Hotel. All of our economic indicators either grew or remained relatively the same. Life in the Heber Valley truly, just keeps getting better. 


  • 2016 Heber Valley Annual Report - Each year, the Heber Valley continues to reach new heights. From an increase in visitation to new business activity, very few communities are experiencing the growth that Wasatch County faces. Such rapid growth creates exciting opportunities and complex challenges for the community. The Heber Valley Tourism and Economic Development and Chamber of Commerce staff works extremely hard to create opportunities that will enhance our local economy while minimizing the footprint which often accompanies growth.


  • 2015 Heber Valley Annual Report - 2015 brought many good things for Heber Valley. The valley continued to see amazing growth, new retail stores,  an expansion of Heber City industrial park, and tourism indicators up. Our offices continues to see greater opportunities on the horizon. 


  • 2014 Annual Report - Celebrating the 125 year history of the valley. Take a look back at how far we have come since our valley was founded. Much has changed since 1889 and the future looks bright.


  • 2013 Annual Report - 2013 saw continued growth in the tourism sector--represented by a 13 percent increase in visitor revenue.  The following report highlights the key developments for tourism and business in Heber Valley for 2013.


  • 2012 Annuaul Report  was a historic year for the Heber Valley.  The following annual report includes information related to new businesses, national accolades, and the major tourism events that occured in the area.