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Business Spotlight: KB Horses

Posted On
Jan 27, 2014
Business Spotlight

It has often been said that a dog is a man’s best friend.  For KB Horses, a local business located in the Red Ledges area, this statement is not entirely true.  Horses are majestic animals that can become the window into a person’s soul—and can truly be a person’s best friend.

Brenda Metzger is a native of Palo Alto, California where she grew up loving horses and spending as much time with them as possible.  While in California, Brenda worked the corporate life and even started and managed a software manufacturing company.  She loved working with people while helping them reach their professional potential.  As a teacher at heart, Brenda relocated to the Heber Valley to escape the busy California lifestyle and live in a “quiet and peaceful area that is one of the most beautiful places on earth.”  As a skier and outdoor enthusiast, Brenda instantly fell in love with the area and decided to join a community that cares deeply about the experiences they provide to others.

KB Horses is a unique business that focuses on creating wonderful experiences for individuals and groups wanting to ride a horse—regardless of a person’s ability.  Instead of focusing solely on following the horse in front of you, Brenda provides horseback riding lessons upfront with the intent of helping the rider connect with the horse.  The result is that each rider becomes a participant and not just a passenger.

To ensure the safety of all passengers and horses, Brenda owns and has trained each horse to become comfortable with people in a variety of situations.  For Brenda, the horses are part of her family and are not just livestock.  Each horse has a custom-built saddle and is capable of provide unique riding experiences throughout the year.  As Brenda’s father once told her, “There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.”

KB Horses has clients ranging from large corporations, to international journalists, to individual residents who want the experience of becoming one with nature by developing a greater love for horses.  Participants have the luxury of riding across 5,000 acres of open space in Heber Valley.  KB Horse’s clients can even lease a horse and for those who desire to keep their animal, KB Horses offers an option to care for the horses through a boarding program.

Learn more about KB Horses by visiting or by calling 435-657-0515.  Or, stop by and sign up for a personalized horsemanship class where you will learn how to ride while understanding the psychology and joy of a horse—one of man’s best friends.