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Business Spotlight: Starshine Studios

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Feb 10, 2014
Business Spotlight

Starshine Studios, located on River Road in Midway, is a local business that offers tumbling and dance instruction for boys and girls of all ages and abilities.

I was impressed by how modern the studio appeared and how dedicated its instructor is to advancing learning opportunities for local youth.  Shannon Wilson, the founder of Starshine Studios, has a great passion for getting children excited about being active—whether through dancing, singing, or tumbling. 

Having been a professional ice skater, Shannon understands the positive impact that an active lifestyle can have on a person.  For that reason, she opened her business in 2012 and created a theme that proudly hangs on her wall: “Where Every Child Can Shine.”

Since opening her business, Shannon has taught hundreds of children from ages 2 to 15 the ability to sing and dance simultaneously—something I could never do.  Some of her students have been represented by talent agencies and others have scored major roles in a variety of local productions, including Elf: the Musical, the Midway torch run for the Special Olympics, and the Wallsburg Twenty Fourth of July parade and celebration.

For adults seeking opportunities to be more active, Starshine Studios has also partnered with Denice Heidorn, the founder of the popular Zumba class called Shake it on Main.  This high-energy class helps parents and adults keep up with their energetic and active children.

To learn why 75 students and dozens of adults are being drawn to Starshine Studios, visit their Facebook page (Starshine Studios, LLC) or walk in to personally meet Shannon and watch her young students shine.