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Finding Fairy Forest

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Oct 09, 2015
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Just to the east of Heber Valley are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of fairies enchanting the forests along side the scenic Mirror Lake Highway. Somewhat mystical in origin, it's not clear how, why or when the Fairy Forest came to be. Maybe some passing fairies were awed by the autumn colors surrounding the area, or they fell in love with the cool summer breezes, but for whatever reason the magic of the area must of felt like home to the fairies. 

Today, families from near and far come to visit the reverent land known to the fairies, and getting there doesn't take magic dust or flying straight on tll morning. Here is a step by step guide to finding the magic in the Fairy Forest. 




Highway 150, or the Mirror Lake Highway, is just a short 16 mile or so drive from Heber City Main street in Kamas, UT.  From Kamas head east  on the Mirror Lake Highway unitl mile marker 17.   

Just past the Shady Dell Campground is mile marker 17. Park at the pull off area and follow th path into the woods. The boy and girl in the red and pink are optional. 

The path will take you through the Shady Dell campground. It's wide enough and well used that it's easy to follow. The path will cross over a road in the camp area. Traffic is slow through the campground just make sure to look both ways first. 

You'll know you're on the right path when you come across this purple arrrow pointing you in the right direction. The path takes you across a riverbed, so depending on the time of year it can be running or dry. 

From the parking area to the "Welcome to Fairy Land" sign is only about a quarter of a mile if it's even that far. The wide path and the mostly level hike to the forest makes it a very family friendly outdoor activity. 

Take time to explore the many fairies. As we explored we were blown away how large the forest was. It must have been the size of at least two football fields. As you can see the "fairies" are rocks painted by children and families. Some paid homage to lost loved ones, others to memories, and still others were just for fun. 


And of course what would a fairy forest be without actual fairies. 



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