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  • 90°
  • Heber Valley, Utah
  • Thursday, July 18, 2024
  • 05:28 PM
Mostly Cloudy 90°
Friday H: 92°
L: 57°
Mostly Cloudy
Saturday H: 87°
L: 57°
Partly Sunny
Sunday H: 90°
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Sustainability Initiatives in Heber Valley



Practice the Local Culture:     
Here in Heber Valley, Utah, our residents and local businesses recognize and respect the rich cultural heritage that permeates this stunning mountain town. Heber Valley boasts a vibrant history shaped by its Native American roots, pioneer settlers, and important agricultural community. To preserve this unique culture, visitors can engage in responsible tourism practices such as supporting local businesses, participating in cultural events and festivals, and exploring heritage sites. By embracing the traditions and values of the Heber Valley community, visitors directly contribute to the conservation of our cultural identity for future generations to also cherish and enjoy. Learn more about the history of Heber Valley.


Tips & Principles for Exploring Our Natural Surroundings:     
-Practice the 7 Leave No Trace Principles     
-Leave wildlife alone (appreciate the view from afar)     
-Don't recreate on muddy trails, it can ruin them (if it sticks, turn back!)     
-Practice fire safety all year long (no fires during no burn times)     
-Pack it in / pack it out (leave each natural space better than you found it)     
-Volunteer for river and lake clean ups, park clean ups, trail maintenance work, and other outdoor area preservation projects     
-Help us protect our natural dark skies and adhere to lighting policies (avoid unnecessary lighting in construction or upgrades to homes, buildings, or parking sites)


10 Essentials to Ensure You Have a Safe & Fun Time in the Outdoors:     
Review this list of 10 recommendations to help prep for your next outdoor adventure in Heber Valley or anywhere else.     
1) Navigation (compass & maps)     
2) Sun protection (especially at higher elevations)     
3) Insulation (temps can change rapidly)     
4) Illumination (headlamp and flashlight)     
5) First aid supplies     
6) Fire smart (matches, lighter, and fire safety knowledge)     
7) Tools (including repair kit, if needed)     
8) Food (obviously - but also be wildlife smart and seal it appropriately when done eating)     
9) Hydration (drink lots of water; it's easy to get dehydrated here)     
10) Emergency preparedness (shelter, transportation, etc.)


Many (if not most) of the 400+ miles of area trails are open to multiple user types. Be aware of posted signage for maps, trail use, trail restrictions, and general area information. Follow all rules in these natural spaces. And be respectful of all users on the trails. Remember: bikers yield to hikers and bikers/hikers both yield to horses. Always yield to uphill traffic if you are traveling downhill. OHV yields to all other users. There's plenty of room and trails for everyone to enjoy this natural setting.


Things to Remember:     
-Beware of water STDs on watercraft (stop the spread!)     
-Use a life jacket - click it or ticket on the lakes and reservoirs where PFDs may be required for some activities (most water-related deaths are avoidable if participants are wearing a life jacket)     
-Keep it clean (help us keep all our waterways and reservoirs clean, both on land/shore and in the water)


The Heber Valley, Utah receives a generous amount of snow most winters. There is always a risk of an avalanche on the slopes during winter seasons (and often even in late fall or early spring), particularly in out-of-bounds areas for backcountry skiing and in backcountry snowmobiling areas. Be sure to know the risks, check the weather and local avalanche reports, have the proper attire and equipment, and let someone not traveling with you know where you will be and what time you will be returning. If you're unsure or less experienced, talk with one of our experienced local guides and outfitters.


Read this excerpt from the official Heber Valley Visitor Guide to learn more about how you can safely enjoy the outdoors while participating in sustainable recreation. The complete Visitor Guide is available for free digital download in the footer below.


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