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Heber Valley Newsletter

The Heber Valley Newsletter highlights the many excited activities and events that take place in the area. It is also a way of showcasing some of the area's amazing dining and lodging options. Click below to review the current and previous newsletters for visitors and members of the Heber Valley Chamber.

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Heber Valley Insider: October 2019

  • Posted On: 10/7/19 at 09:21 AM
In this months newsletter we highlight Lola's Street Kitchen as our October Business of the Month, celebrate the ribbon cutting of Fyzical Therapy at the Fit Stop, showcase many different chamber events, and even prepare to say goodbye to our director, Ryan Starks.

Heber Valley Insider: September 2019

  • Posted On: 9/9/19 at 09:22 AM
During the eight years I’ve lived in the Heber Valley, I’ve been more than impressed by the hard work and volunteerism that takes place during Swiss Days. Hundreds of volunteers work countless hours to run one of Utah’s best festivals. This small-town event is a wonderful model for working together to create outstanding results. Like Swiss Days, our local businesses can also accomplish amazing things as they work together, and the Heber Valley Chamber is grateful to work hand in hand with you to realize your goals.

The Heber Valley Insider: August 2019

  • Posted On: 8/4/19 at 03:03 PM
Just last year, the unthinkable happened at the Heber Valley Chamber Golf Tournament: Paul Christensen—the General Manager of the Homestead Resort and a player in the tournament—made a hole in one and took home a new Chevy Colorado from Labrum Chevrolet. While we can’t promise that lighting will strike twice and that we’ll have another hole-in-one winner, we can guarantee that this year’s golf tournament will be filled with great company, fun games, awesome prizes, and of course, a lot of missing golf balls.

The Heber Valley Insider: July 2019

  • Posted On: 7/9/19 at 09:44 AM
What is the value of great service? I’m often asked what new and exciting businesses are coming to town. Some people dream of large retail stores while others fantasize about their favorite restaurant. Most people, however, don’t ask about financial planners, insurance agents, realtors, CPAs, massage therapists, specialty health care providers, or other service-oriented businesses.

The Heber Valley Insider: June 2019

  • Posted On: 6/6/19 at 02:13 PM
Connecting Communities was the theme of our second-annual Wasatch Back Economic Summit—a joint-venture with the Park City Chamber of Commerce. In this meeting, community and business leaders from Wasatch and Summit counties gathered to learn about issues facing both communities. The word connecting applies throughout the Heber Valley as our members continue connecting through networking lunches, service projects, and a host of other community events.

The Heber Valley Insider: May 2019

  • Posted On: 5/6/19 at 03:03 PM
The need for collaborative planning has never been greater along the Wasatch Back. Last year, the Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce partnered with the Park City Chamber and Summit County to sponsor the first-ever Wasatch Back Economic Summit. This historic gathering of community leaders from Wasatch and Summit counties produced insightful discussions, meaningful partnership, and a lot of good information.

The Heber Valley Insider: April 2019

  • Posted On: 4/10/19 at 09:42 AM
Spring in the Heber Valley is the perfect time to refresh, rejuvenate, and recommit to excellence in all that we do. For this month’s lunch, we’ll be dusting off the clubs and golfing at Soldier Hollow, and we hope you’ll join us for this great networking golf event. The past few months have been very successful. The Heber Valley Chamber has wrapped up a targeted winter marketing campaign which culminated in last week’s restaurant week. We are excited to announce that transient room tax collections increased by 26 % since 2017.

The Heber Valley Insider: August Chamber News

  • Posted On: 8/4/18 at 03:37 PM
Thirty-four thousand, eight-hundred. This is the number of visitors in July who spent time on – the official website for all things tourism and business in Wasatch County. The Heber Valley continues to attract interest in our business community from visitors and residents alike. Because of the outstanding content on our newsroom (, the number of business listings on our site, and the inter-connectivity to our social media platforms, more businesses are reaping the benefits of having a strong online presence. To further promote the Heber Valley’s network of businesses, we encourage you to link your website and social media links back to the Chamber’s website, and the result will be an elevated brand for our members.

The Heber Valley Insider: July Chamber News

  • Posted On: 7/12/18 at 02:31 PM
For the past few years, the Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce has sponsored the “Heber Valley Golf Tournament” which has quickly become the most fun golf outing in the valley. The money raised from this tournament has been reinvested into community beautification projects ranging from street banners to blade signs for small businesses. This year, we expect another great turnout and hope for a lot of fun. With your support, we’ll continue enhancing our community with the money raised at the golf tournament. Unlike previous years, however, this year’s tournament is almost sold out. Please register for the tournament soon and start swinging your clubs in preparation for the outing in August.

9 More Weeks of Summer

  • Posted On: 6/27/18 at 02:16 PM
Family time is the best time to create lasting memories, strong connections, and loving relationships within our families. After all, all these things take time. There are many great ways a family can create together time. One of our favorites is playtime! We wholeheartedly believe that families that play together stay together. #13weeksofsummer

The Heber Valley Insider: June Chamber News

  • Posted On: 6/6/18 at 02:30 PM
During the past several months, many remarkable things have happened in our community. The purpose of this article is to provide a brief update on some of the economic happenings in Wasatch County.

The Heber Valley Insider: May Chamber News

  • Posted On: 5/9/18 at 02:28 PM
Now that Spring is officially upon us, our valley will come to life with leaves on trees, bright flowers, and of course, a lot of exciting events and activities. Just this week, the Heber Valley Chamber partnered with the Heber City Mayor and various business owners to revive the Community Alliance for Main Street (CAMS) group. This group will be a positive force to help improve Heber City’s Main Street now and into the future, so keep an eye out for more updates in the coming months.

Families Gather in Heber Valley

  • Posted On: 4/25/18 at 02:01 PM
What's the formula for a perfect family vacation? It's pretty simple actually. First and foremost, it takes a family, and they come in all shapes or sizes. From there the possibilities are endless. Heber Valley (Utah) is a beloved location for families to gather year-round. A place where children and grownups alike can enjoy the Wasatch mountains and let joy run free. Reconnect with family and fill the days with once-in-a-lifetime experiences. So come prepared. Be open to surprises because cherished memories often begin as unplanned, unguarded moments. Your family story will live on long after your reunion draws to a close, told through wide smiles, bursts of laughter and a few new funny moments to remember.

The Heber Valley Insider: April Chamber News

  • Posted On: 4/4/18 at 01:00 AM
Local Events, Opportunities, Business of the Month, FREE Golf, and More! Last week, various media outlets reported that the U.S. Census Bureau listed Heber City as the fastest growing micropolitan city in the United States with Wasatch County being the third-fastest growing county in the country. The Heber Valley continues to grow in great proportions (about 1300 new people per year). While these statistics can be both exciting and alarming, we need to continue finding ways to address the growth and the challenges and opportunities it brings.

Spring Activities in Heber Valley

  • Posted On: 3/28/18 at 01:56 PM
The calendar says spring is here, but in Utah you can never be too sure that one of those late spring snow storms won't just pop up and surprise you. Well, when the ice comes off the reservoirs around here the fishing becomes hot. After a long and cold winter anglers can expect some hungry and frisky fish.

The Heber Valley Insider: March Chamber News

  • Posted On: 3/7/18 at 02:26 PM
We are grateful for so many dedicated members who volunteer their time and work hard to make our community a better place, and we hope you have a very successful month.

Become a Foodie in Heber Valley

  • Posted On: 2/22/18 at 01:49 PM
Become a foodie in Heber Valley. With over 30 non-chain restaurants in our valley, plus a healthy handful of national brands, there are, needless to say, plenty of dining options in the Heber Valley. You can sample cuisine from the Orient, or something with Europe flare, or something a little more familiar and closer to home.

The Heber Valley Insider: February Chamber News

  • Posted On: 2/7/18 at 12:40 PM
Deer Valley Ski Resort is one of the jewels of the Wasatch Back, and the Deer Crest area (near Jordanelle) provides tremendous tax relief to Wasatch County residents by way of the many second and third homes located in this area. For many years now, this area has been planned for significant development, including trails, ski runs, housing units, retail businesses, and new resort hotels.

Winter in Heber Valley

  • Posted On: 1/24/18 at 04:25 PM
Heber Valley is a great vacation destination in the summer or winter, less than an hour’s drive from downtown Salt Lake City and just minutes from the popular tourist destination of Park City. Here are some of the best activities you can do with the family, whether you come in the snowy season and or the heat of the summer.

It Just Keeps Getting Better

  • Posted On: 1/10/18 at 04:20 PM
It just keeps getting better—that is the theme of the Chamber’s 2017 annual report, and we believe this statement will hold true for 2018. During the past few years, the Chamber has grown in membership, investment, program offerings, and overall strength. This success can be attributed to our dedicated members, volunteers, and staff who contribute so much to the Heber Valley.

Celebrate the Holidays in Heber Valley

  • Posted On: 1/2/18 at 04:45 PM
What better way to celebrate this holiday season than with a trip to the North Pole. Read about how the Heber Valley, Utah's Winter Wonderland, is transformed into Santa's North Pole aboard the Heber Valley Railroad.

Plan your Winter Break in Heber Valley

  • Posted On: 1/2/18 at 04:41 PM
Most people in Utah know Heber Valley as summer destination for all things outdoor. However, when the temperatures drop and thick snow covers the grounds, the winters in Heber Valley heat up. Here’s the top eight things you need to do with your family this winter up in Heber Valley.

December: Heber Valley Insider

  • Posted On: 12/15/17 at 11:50 AM
As we look back on 2017, the Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce expresses its gratitude for our Chamber members and for the much good they do in the community. From Shop Local Saturday events to ribbon cuttings to the monthly lunches, we truly appreciate the opportunity to work side-by-side with our local businesses to build a stronger community. Looking toward 2018, we couldn’t be more excited to continue working with each of you.

November: Heber Valley Insider

  • Posted On: 11/17/17 at 07:22 AM
November is an exciting month for the Chamber and our businesses. A few years ago, we established “Keep it Local” as one of the Chamber’s top priorities. Since that time, we’ve purchased street banners, promoted the concept on social media, and utilized the power of PR to further this initiative. To culminate our efforts this year, we are hosting the fifth-annual “Shop Local Saturday” on Saturday, November 25 at the Midway City town square.

Refreshing Fall Adventures in Heber Valley

  • Posted On: 10/26/17 at 11:28 AM
Join the Bar J Wranglers for an emotional show as they pay tribute to fellow western musician, and one of the gatherings favorite performers, Rory Feek. After setting his guitar down at the 2015 Gathering, Feek will return to the stage for a cameo appearance for a heartfelt performance.

October: Heber Valley Insider

  • Posted On: 10/4/17 at 02:27 PM
What to do about Main Street? These words echoed through the conference room early in 2017 when Roger Brooks, a community branding expert, shared his assessment of Heber City to an audience of more than 100 community leaders. As part of a program aimed at enhancing tourism economies, the Utah Office of Tourism and the Heber Valley Tourism and Economic Development Agency invited Roger Brooks to spend a week in the Heber Valley and to provide a direct and honest assessment of his perception of the community.

Local Secrets, Events, Lodging and Activity Discounts, and More

  • Posted On: 9/27/17 at 03:39 PM
Heber Valley is one of the most beautiful sections of Utah—and it’s filled with a variety of options for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. Where do you get started? We went straight to the source, asking locals what they would recommend for first-time visitors to Heber Valley.

September: Heber Valley Insider

  • Posted On: 9/7/17 at 03:38 PM
As many of you may have heard, the Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development office welcomed Governor Herbert’s state-wide 25k jobs tour to the UVU Wasatch Campus. We had large crowds of business leaders who met with dozens of organizations from around the state. The meeting concluded with Lt. Governor Spencer Cox addressing the audience. He commended Wasatch County on the strength of our economy and committed to provide state resources wherever needed. While there was a lot of excitement and energy, we still have a lot to do to strengthen our economy.

Labor Day Events, Bucket-list Ideas, Travel Deals, and More

  • Posted On: 8/23/17 at 03:35 PM
If you think the Soldier Hollow Classic is simply for shepherds then you would be mistaken. The classic is more than this, actually a whole lot more. Hands down the main draw of the classic is to watch the handler and border collie become one as they masterfully guide the sheep through, over and around obstacles. It’s an amazing sight to behold to watch how all this is done with just the sound of whistles.

August: Heber Valley Insider

  • Posted On: 8/10/17 at 01:57 PM
The month of August is an exciting time for members of the Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce. Just two years ago, we created a committee to help assess the value of sponsoring an annual golf tournament. Up until that point, very few people attended our golf outings, and our purpose for playing was never clear. The committee helped set a vision for making the golf tournament the most fun gathering in town.