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Winter Trails Day Soldier Hollow

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Jan 09, 2015
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It has been said that if you can walk you can cross country ski. Well the folks at Soldier Hollow Resort are here to prove this with their upcoming “Winter Trails Day” on Saturday, January 10.

From 1 pm to 4 pm, Soldier Hollow Resort invites the public to come up to the Heber Valley to experience cross country skiing or snowshoeing for free!

Richard Hodges, director of Soldier Hollow Resort, hopes to expose more people to the thrills and health benefits of these winter time sports. "Getting outside during the winter is good for the soul," said Hodges.

In 2002, Soldier Hollow Resort hosted all the Nordic (cross country skiing) events, including the biathlon, when Utah hosted the Olympic Winter games. Since then Soldier Hollow has remained as the premiere high altitude competition and training facility in both national and international collegiate and professional Nordic events. 

The Winter Trails Days event is designed for beginners learn a new activity that’s fun for the whole family, so long up hill climbs and sprint finishes aren't necessary to feel like a champion. 

Hodges knows that sometimes cross country skiing gets a bad rap because it can seem challenging to people who are new to the sport, so here are some tips to make your winter trails day experience awesome.

  • Come early – this event is very popular and Soldier Hollow expects hundreds of people to show up, so to make the best of it come early especially if you have a common shoe size (like size 10).
  • Free lesson – Take advantage of the free mini lessons offered by the friendly staff. A quick lesson on some simple techniques to have a fun experience, and who knows maybe you’ll be on the Olympic podium someday.
  • Dress appropriately – Cross county and snowshoeing are great aerobic activities, so you may get warm. Check the weather and wear layers.  And don’t forget gloves. Cold hands can make it a long day.
  • Get a warm drink – The beloved Fill'er Up Coffee Station on Midway Main Street has recently began selling their premium coffees and hot chocolates at the Soldier Hollow day lodge. As you wait or when you get off the trail stop in for a light refreshment.


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