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Family first attitude creates lasting success at Miro Industries and Rooftop Anchor

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Sep 09, 2016

Family first. That’s the attitude or guiding principle most of the employees at Miro Industries and Rooftop Anchor will say is the secret to the company’s lasting success.

Success as evidenced by constant, consistent growth, even during down turns in the national economy. Success that leads to working with some of the nation’s top large-scale companies such as, John Deer, Lockheed Martin, Georgia Pacific, and many others. And success that sees the creation of new products, with patents and trademarks that transform the industry.

And it all boils down to a simple idea – happy home life leads to happy productive workers.

“It’s family first. It’s always family first. Of course our jobs here are important, but if we’re not happy at home we’re not a productive worker here,” said Mark Vargas, director of business development. 

The concept of family also extends to the work place. Ask anyone who works at Miro or Rooftop Anchor how they feel about their coworkers and you’ll hear “we’re family.”

 “Miro is a great company. I feel very fortunate to work for Miro Industries we have a great group of wonderful people here. We are a Miro family and a Rooftop Anchor family,” said Krista Baker who works in office administration and shipping logistics.

The employees will tell you where this concept of family comes from and they’ll point to the top to Nate Sargent, CEO of Miro, and Kynan Wynne, president of Rooftop Anchor. Through their leadership sentiments of family and loyalty to the business run deep.

“I like them to work a good hard eight or nine hours then go home and serve in their church or community. They help their spouses at home and their family when they do that they come back refreshed and ready to work,” said Sargent.

However, Nate and Kynan are quick to credit the team atmosphere to the team members who want to come to work every day and do their best.

“It’s not about me but rather we have a great staff that want to be here, to put in the time to get the work done. They are the ones who make this place what it is,” said Sargent.

Commitment to the team became very clear in 2009 and 2010 when the company began mulling around the idea of moving the headquarters of the business from Salt Lake City to the Heber Valley. The idea came with risks and costs. Shipping products all around the world from Heber could be challenging. Some employees might not want to make the transition out of the valley. Yet they went forward, and haven’t looked back.

The move to the Heber Valley demonstrated that quality of life in addition to a pay check was important for Miro and Rooftop Anchor management.

Dan Noble, chief financial officer, who went through the transition said one of the main perks of working for Miro or Rooftop is the benefit of living and working in the same community.

“It may have cost us a little bit but we have benefited from good workers, good employees and a good environment to work in,” said Noble.

Ryan Starks, executive director of the Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce, said having businesses like Miro and Rooftop that provide a wide range of jobs from entry level manufacturing to professional services boosts our local economy, and demonstrates to other potential businesses the value of the quality of life in the Heber Valley.   

“Miro Industries and Rooftop Anchor are flagship companies for the Heber Valley, showing other businesses that investing in our community is worth it,” said Starks.

Miro Industries specialize in commercial roofing solutions for piping support systems that provide a long lasting product that extends the life of the roof.

Miro has been in operation for 34 years. They business began with a single patent and product and operated out of a garage. Today they have expanded from only a hand full of employees to employing around 70 people.

Sister company, Rooftop Anchor custom designs rooftop safety equipment and fall prevention systems for industrial and commercial structures. Rooftop grew from an idea and conversation between Nate and Kynan around a campfire. In 2009 they opened for business and have since grown to become a leader in the roof safety systems industry.

More information about the companies and the products they offer  can be found at and