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Made in Heber Valley: A blog that changes lives

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Apr 08, 2016

From inside a small white house on Heber City’s Main Street the lives of millions of people worldwide are changed by what comes from within those walls. It’s not a knickknack that you can buy, or a service that will come to your house, but rather its words. Ideas. Inspiration. A blog. Sharing one good thing each day to help make life better.

One Good Thing by Jillee is a blog with millions of followers. Jillee Nystul, the founder and creator of One Good Thing, started the blog about five years ago as a way to connect to one of her life’s passions: creating and share good things.

Nystul will be the first to tell you that starting the blog helped to literally save her life. After living with and battling to overcome an addiction, she started One Good Thing as a way to chronicle the good she saw in her life. Every day she began posting, seven days a week, 365 days a year, and hasn’t stopped.

Speaking of her recovery, Nystul said, “It was the motivation to start the blog. Because when I was in rehab my counselor told me to find my passion or I’d be right back where I started.” 

So she did. She found her passion.

“I always take about pursuing your passion. If you’re passionate about what you do it’s not going to feel like work so you’re going to do a lot more of it. I don’t think you can lose following your passion whether it turns out to be the way you make your living or not, because one is going to inspire the other.”

Years, and a few thousand posts and tips, later her blog has grown into its own business, which turns out is a dream come true.

“It’s been a dream come true to own my own business, set my own hours and originally work from home,” said Nystul.  “I love that we now have a little place here on Main Street in Heber. Now I feel even more a part of the community.”

As here blog has grown in popularity over the years she has had to reach out for help, and her work has become a family affair, leaning on the talents of a daughter, a daughter-in-law and a few others. Together this team inside that little white house is dedicated to sharing “simple things that you can do today” from advice, to projects, to solutions for everyday living. They take photos, they write, they collaborate, they create.

All of this happening on Heber’s Main Street in a quiet Utah mountain valley. For Nystul there is no better place to live and create than the Heber Valley. She has been a resident of the Heber Valley for over 20 years and enjoys the convenience and beauty of the area.  

“Being close to Salt Lake and Provo I can accomplished everything that I need to do then always come back up here and take a deep breath and look at the beautiful Mount Timpanogos and just think life is good.”

One Good Thing by Jillee has been a journey for Nystul. It has helped get through dark low points in her life and has taken her to new heights. She’s written a book, featured on the Today Show and has seen some incredible things. Success didn’t come overnight but through hard work, determination, pursuing a passion, but it did come.

“What I like about my story it just goes to show you no matter your age, or your economic status, or gender you can have a successful business.”

The future looks bright for Nystul. She’s able to follow her passions in a community she loves and enrich people’s lives in the process. The next time you drive down Main Street in Heber and pass by the little white house remember that people in this valley are helping to shape this world and that is definitely one of many good things.