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  • Heber Valley, Utah
  • Tuesday, September 27, 2022
  • 09:07 PM
Mostly Clear Expected High: 40°
Mostly clear. Low around 40, with temperatures rising to around 42 overnight. East southeast wind around 7 mph.
Windspeed: 7 mph
Wednesday 82°F Mostly Sunny
Thursday 79°F Mostly Sunny
Friday 71°F Chance Rain
Saturday 69°F Chance Rain
Sunday 72°F Sunny
Monday 75°F Sunny
Tuesday 76°F Sunny

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Arts, Culture, Music

The Heber Valley is a burgeoning arts scene. Year-round, you'll find theater and dance performances throughout the valley. In the summer, family-friendly plays are performed by High Valley Arts at an outdoor theater in Midway under the majestic shadow of Mount Timpanogos. Art galleries and art shows display the brilliant work of local and regional artists. And local artisans showcase and sell their unique wares at festivals and boutique shops throughout town.

With everything from musicals to art shows, quilt exhibits to museums, there is something happening for the art and culture lover. Learn more about current and upcoming events in Heber Valley: CALENDAR OF UPCOMING EVENTS


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