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Your Comprehensive Guide to Planning and Packing for a Family Ski Trip to Heber Valley

Embarking on a family ski trip to Heber Valley is more than a mere getaway; it's a respite into the heart of a winter wonderland escape. Imagine pristine slopes, charming accommodations, and the laughter of your loved ones echoing through snow-laden landscapes. In this guide, we delve into the art of planning and packing for a fun-filled family ski retreat in Heber Valley, Utah.

1. Packing Like a Pro:

Get out those compression packing cubes – you’re going to need them! Begin with the basics – layers, layers, layers. The alchemy of warmth lies in the smart combination of thermal layers, insulating jackets, and waterproof outerwear. For an upscale touch, consider high-quality, stylish ski clothing that not only keeps you warm but also turns heads on-mountain and off. Be sure to check the weather forecast in advance, but pack for cold winter conditions. (A detailed packing list is included at the bottom of this guide.)

*Tip: Don't forget important accessories like gloves, hats, shades, and goggles – they're not just functional; they're your winter accessories. Better to have them and not need them than the other way around.

2. Bring Your Gear or Rent? That is the Question:

The dilemma of whether to lug your ski gear to and fro or opt for the convenience of rentals is a personal choice. For those who prefer the allure of familiarity, transporting your skis or snowboard might be worth the effort. However, Heber Valley offers an array of top-notch rental shops, ensuring you can hit the slopes with current season equipment tailored to your preferences. Many offer delivery services direct to your accommodation too. Embrace the elegance of simplicity – rent and revel in the luxury of traveling lighter.

*Tip: We recommend renting equipment to make your travel to and from a bit more effortless. Be sure to call and rent in advance, making your travel much easier.

3. Stay in the Magic of Midway:

Immerse yourself in the authentic alpine experience. Nestled in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains, Midway, Utah, is a charming, Swiss-influenced, mountain village that epitomizes rustic elegance. Consider staying in one of the picturesque lodges or cabins, each exuding an old-world charm that seamlessly complements the snowy landscapes. Check out the local lodging options.

*Tip: The Utah Crater in Midway offers a unique hot spring experience, a perfect contrast to the frosty adventures on the slopes. Wherever you choose to stay, make this experience a part of your itinerary.

4. Choose Your Slopes: Sundance or Deer Valley?

The allure of Heber Valley lies not only in its enchanting scenery but also in its proximity to world-class ski resorts. For those seeking an intimate, artistic retreat, Sundance Mountain Resort, originally founded by Robert Redford, is a gem. On the other end of the valley, Deer Valley Resort, with its meticulously groomed runs and luxury amenities, beckons those who crave opulence on and off the slopes. Be sure to purchase ski passes or lift tickets in advance. Same goes for ski lessons, if needed. Those can sell out in advance.

*Tip: If torn between the two, you can easily indulge in both. Heber Valley's ideal location allows you to seamlessly switch between these two distinguished resorts. And note that Deer Valley is a ski-only resort and has implemented a new daily online reservation system, so be sure to reserve your ski dates in advance.

5. Incomparable Access from… well, everywhere!

The crowning jewel of your Heber Valley adventure is its accessibility. A mere 45 minutes from Salt Lake City International Airport, your journey from touchdown to snow-covered slopes is a seamless transition (with zero stoplights from airport to mountain town). No need for arduous travel when Heber Valley is this accessible. And, once here, your winter fun begins.

*Tip: If you arrive early in the day, you can get in some afternoon laps the same day you arrive. Yes, it’s really that close!

6. Rent a Vehicle:

Plan ahead and rent a vehicle for your trip. Although private and group shuttle services are plentiful, you will want a vehicle to get you to and from the slopes, restaurants, shopping, and the freedom to explore this expansive valley.

*Tip: Ask for a rental vehicle with AWD or 4x4 in case of inclement winter weather. Some rental companies have vehicles with ski racks included, which can be a nice convenience during your stay.

7. Make Those Dining Reservations:

Many local and popular area restaurants get booked up during peak ski dates. And others can have long waits before tables become available. Avoid the wait and make dining reservations in advance. Your ski crew will certainly appreciate not having to wait for a table come dinnertime. See some of the local dining establishments.

*Tip: If you do end up with a wait, put your name on the list and explore the surrounding area to kill some time and discover other shops and fun treasures in the vicinity. Boutique shops carry some unique and one-of-a-kind items.

8. Review Sample Itineraries:

Let us take some of the effort required for planning a destination ski trip. Take a look at these pre-made winter itineraries for ideas and recommendations for things to do while you’re here. You’re sure to discover some exceptional activities and dining spots you didn’t know existed!

*Tip: Flip through the digital Heber Valley Travel Guide to see all this destination has to offer during your stay.

9. Book Other Activities Now:

Know for sure you want to visit the Utah Ice Castles, snow tubing, or add on a guided snowmobile excursion? Save yourself the hassle of trying to book during your trip and book your spots now. Check out all the winter recreation, then book those dream activities in advance.

*Tip: Some of these book up early, so making your reservation in advance ensures you can do all the activities you want when you’re here.

10. Know Where to Find What You Need:

There’s nothing worse than forgetting something you really need to make you comfortable on your trip. Or, if you get sick or injured while traveling and have to seek out healthcare items or services. Well, rest assured. Our valley has what you need. Our highly trained hospitality teams have the answers you are looking for. Many properties can provide common toiletry items that are often forgotten. And nearby shops and stores offer a variety of products to make your stay more comfortable. So, when you head out the door to begin your trip, don’t fret. If you leave something you need at home, you can find it here.

A family ski trip to Heber Valley is not merely a vacation; it's a rendezvous in an awe-inspiring setting. Pack wisely, embrace the ease of rentals, relish the allure of Midway, and savor the seamless journey from airport to alpine adventure. Heber Valley beckons, promising a winter escape that transcends the ordinary and leaves you wanting more. We look forward to welcoming you this winter season!

Ski Packing Essentials:

Set the stage for a memorable and enjoyable winter adventure by planning and packing in advance. Feel free to use the below list will for ski packing recommendations. Safe travels and happy skiing!

- Thermal base layers            
- Insulating layers (fleece or down jackets)            
- Waterproof and windproof ski jacket and pants or bibs            
- Moisture-wicking socks (several pair)            
- Hat and waterproof gloves or mittens            
- Neck gaiter or balaclava            
- Sunglasses and ski goggles with UV protection            
- Waterproof snow boots for exploring the town            
- Pack layers to accommodate varying weather conditions.

- Backpack for carrying essentials on the slopes            
- Hand and foot warmers            
- Sunscreen with high SPF            
- Lip balm with SPF            
- Hydrating lotion

Casual Wear:            
- Comfortable clothing for après-ski activities            
- Indoor shoes or slippers for your accommodation            
- Warm pajamas            
- Swimsuit (if your accommodation has a hot tub or pool)

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