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101 Heber Valley Activities

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May 01, 2013
Things to Do

The days are warming up and the school days left until summer vacation are dwindling. You may be wondering how to keep your kids busy during the break, or you may just be in an adventurous mood yourself and looking for something to do. We can help.

Let us introduce the Heber Valley Unplugged Campaign—an initiative to get kids (or adults!) off the couch, away from the screens and outside to enjoy the abundant activities that Heber Valley has to offer.

As part of the initiative, we've created a list of 101 Thing to Do around the valley. With so many choices there’s something for every age and every skill level. As kids complete each activity, they earn a “brag-tag” from a sponsoring business. Brag-tags earn you points, which earn you entries in a big end-of-summer giveaway (with really cool prizes). The more brag tags you earn, the more chances to win—and, of course, more bragging rights.

And while the giveaway and competition are just for the kids, the list includes things that are fun for adults as well (rock climbing anyone?).

Follow us throughout the summer as we highlight one activity each week.

Check out all 101 activities here


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